Meditation improves concentration

Below are two interesting articles on how meditation can help improve your concentration. Participants in the study attended a three-month retreat in which they went without television, phones, the Internet and books. They also practiced meditation for 5 hours a day. They had instructor-led meditation in the morning and evening, and they spent most of their free time in solitary meditation.

Both articles talked about the same study that was conducted.

Washington Post article
WebMD article

Vietnam Vet opens Carousel of Happiness attraction in Nederland, Colorado

Marine machine gunner used to listen to the music and picture a carousel in the mountains to cope with the stress of the Vietnam war. Now more than 40 years later, he has created that carousel in the mountains and opened it for the world to ride. Harrison built the carousel to honor the memory of two of his best buddies who were killed in action.

I found his story very touching. All the profits go to help children with special needs. Check out the video and the website below:

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