Instant happiness

We are at our happiest when we stop thinking about ourselves and start helping others. This is what Bill Murray’s character discovered in Groundhog’s Day. I feel that the quickest way to cheer yourself up is by doing something for someone else.

We all have this compassionate instinct and yet we often find ourselves working hard to suppress it. There is also the very real danger that if we are generous in a foolish way we can do more harm than good. Especially if by being generous we inadvertently sacrifice the recipients’ dignity. Read more from this article.

We are our states of mind

It is easy to have inner calm when everything is going well in your life. But can you continue to be in happy states of mind when you are faced with difficulties in life? As long as we are alive, we will experience both sorrow and joy.

The reason why people are not happy is because they are in states of mind that are limited. In those states of mind, happiness is fleeting. Your state of mind at any given time will determine how you behave, interpret or react to a situation or person.

This is a good article about finding your peace in the midst of chaos.

Meditation Tips: Why your posture is so important

Meditation should be done sitting on the floor or on a chair. A lot of people in my meditation classes asked me if they can meditate lying down. The answer is no because you get too relaxed and there is a good chance that you might fall asleep. You want to be alert and awake when you meditate.

One thing nearly every different meditation discipline has in common is an emphasis on the use of proper posture. To experience meditation’s calming, stress-reducing benefits, it must be practiced properly, and correct posture is a vital first step. You should try to keep your spine straight when you meditate. This will allow the energy to easily flow upwards from the base of your spine.

Cultivating gratitude can make you happier and improve your health

Dr. Robert Emmons, UC Davis, has been researching gratitude for almost a decade. He has written a best selling book: Thanks! How Practicing Gratitude Can Make You Happier.

According to Dr. Emmons, three take-home messages from his book are:
1. The practice of gratitude can increase happiness levels by approximately 25%.
2. It is not hard to achieve the benefit of gratitude: a few hours writing a gratitude journal for over 3 weeks can create an effect that lasts 6 months.
3. Cultivating gratitude brings other health benefits such as better sleep and more energy.

In Dr. Emmons’ gratitude study, in addition to keep a gratitude journal, you can also write a gratitude letter to someone who has a positive influence on your life.

Personally, I write thank you notes (via e-mail) and thank you cards as often as I can to colleagues who have made positive contributions towards the success of the projects at work. I am always amazed how happy my co-workers are when they receive my thank you notes. In return, they go out of their way to help the projects to be successful.

Click here for an interview with Dr. Emmons.

The importance of self-love

You must love and accept yourself even if you don’t feel you are worthy of it. This is one of the hardest things for most people to do but it is essential for true happiness. I found this article very helpful in loving ourselves.

Meditation Tip: create a meditation schedule for yourself

It is a good idea to have a meditation schedule. We recommended you meditate twice a day. Once in the morning when you first get up and in the evening when you come home from the day. If you can’t meditate twice a day, once a day is a good start. If your schedule does not permit you to meditate first thing in the morning, you can also do it sometime during the day. Noon is a powerful time to meditate. You can take a few minutes of your lunch hour and devote that to meditation.

Meditation reduces the emotional impact of pain

People who meditate regularly find pain less unpleasant because their brains anticipate the pain less, a new study has found. “Meditation is becoming increasingly popular as a way to treat chronic illness such as the pain caused by arthritis,” said Dr Christopher Brown, who conducted the research.

Meditation trains the brain to be more present-focused and therefore to spend less time anticipating future negative events. This may be why meditation is effective at reducing the recurrence of depression, which makes chronic pain considerably worse.”

We teach in class that one of the benefits of meditation is its ability to reduce or eliminate physical, emmotional, mental and spiritual pains that we experience in life.

Read more from the article.

Office Meditation – 12 Meditation Techniques for the Office

Office meditation techniques are exercises that can be slipped inconspicuously into your day in short intervals. Just a minute or two of meditation out of each hour can build a profound momentum toward peace of mind in daily life. Try some of the following exercises during downtimes at work or just take a break for a minute or two every hour.

It is important to take a mental break from work as frequently as you can. I make it a habit of getting up from my chair every hour to get away from my computer if only for 5 minutes. One of the tips offered by this article that we teach in class is to repeat the Om mantra.

Meditation can make you healthier

For those looking for ways to relieve stress and live a healthy life, meditation offers cost-effective remedy to stress and stress related issues.

We are becoming so reliant on conventional medical treatments for our ailments. We are too dependent on doctors, drugs and hospitals when we become ill. I am recommending that we also consider alternative options in our quest for better health.

My recommendation for living a healthy and happy life includes:

1. Eat properly
2. Get some exercise
3. Get plenty of sleep and rest
4. Learn to meditate
5. Laugh more

Some reasons to start meditating today

If you need some inspiration to start meditating now, here are some.

The great thing about meditation is that you can start right away without much effort on your part. I started learning how to meditate after going to one meditation class. It was so simple and easy.

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