testimonials“Charlene, thank you for conducting an excellent meditation class. My husband and I came to four of your classes in San Gabriel Library starting in Jan 2015. We both benefit a lot from the techniques you taught and appreciate the thought-provoking remarks and reminders about one’s life’s choices and options. I particularly like your laid back no pressure yet disciplined approach. We will keep coming to your classes.” – Florence, Los Angeles, CA

“Charlene is inspiring and gives a solid foundation for meditation. The benefits and proper way of doing it. I love the music and learning proper posture and hands position! Learning breathing was also taught and appreciated. It was a complete class lesson for that short time! Looking forward, with enthusiasm to the next class!” – Marelene, Los Angeles, CA

“Charlene, you have made a difference in my well-being through your meditation classes. I’m sure so many others thank you for your grace of giving. I’m truly grateful.” – Melody, San Gabriel, CA

“Charlene, thank you for an informative, inspiring and empowering class! It’s great to learn some new techniques and apply to my daily meditation practice.” – Jen, San Gabriel, CA

“Thank you! I felt very quiet and restful after taking the class.” – Amabella, Oakland, CA

“I liked the explanations of what meditation does. If you want to learn a practical approach to meditation, I recommend you to give this class a try.” – Orion, Berkeley, CA

“Thank you! This is a great start. The class was very welcoming and peaceful.” – Jocelyn, San Francisco, CA

“The class was very informative, friendly, and accessible to beginners.” – Kelly, San Francisco, CA

“I felt relaxed and had more energy after taking today’s class. I liked meditations we did in the class.” – Max, San Francisco, CA

“The benefits I received from today’s class are tips about how to meditate and practical suggestions about mindfulness practice. Taking this class is an excellent first step in beginning a meditation and mindfulness practice.” – Andy, Berkeley, CA

“I am inspired to continue my practice. This class is very helpful for anyone who is starting out or wanting to learn a new meditation technique.” – Jamie, El Cerrito, CA

“The classes are very informative. I truly did feel more relaxed after the classes.” – Jay, Oakland, CA

“I liked very much about the useful meditation techniques I learned in tonight’s class. This was a really excellent class. What a great way to start a new year.” – Jeannine, Oakland, CA

“I highly recommend this class. The class is practical and enlightening. I can immediate use the meditation techniques I learned from today’s class. And, I think I will.”- Kevin, Berkeley, CA

“I really liked using music to quiet my thoughts. I also really enjoyed chakras to focus on. I like that we actually meditated and discussed afterwards about how we felt and what we experienced.” – Mia, Berkeley, CA

“The class was informative and the setting was relaxed and intimate. I learned several useful tips that I’ll be using toward my own meditation practice.” – Mike, Berkeley, CA

“Meditation is awesome. I like this class because it provides the opportunity to ask questions and get clarification about the meditation practice.” – Min, Albany, CA

“I really enjoyed the class and I learned a lot. If you’re interested in meditation, you need to attend a class and see for yourself.” – Paul, Oakland, CA

“This class provided an excellent opportunity for me to explore new meditation techniques. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in improving the quality of his life.” – Alex, Oakland, CA

“What a great way to end a very stressful workday. I felt calmer and very grounding after today’s class. I’m inspired to restart my meditation practice.” – Crystal, Oakland, CA

“Thank you! I got a better understanding of how to begin my own meditation journey. I will definitely recommend this class to my friends since meditation helps one’s overall happiness.” – David, San Francisco, CA

“The class was very informative. The class was taught in a relaxing and friendly environment. I look forward to applying what I learned today to my own meditation practice.” – Nakul, Berkeley, CA

“Thank you! I learned new meditation techniques. I felt more in the moment after taking the class. I’ll be recommending this class to my friends.” – Nathan, Oakland, CA

“Thank you so much! This class opened my eyes to new meditation techniques. You should try this class. This class is amazing!” – John, San Francisco, CA

“Thank you very much! I really enjoyed the class. I liked and felt a strong connection with the meditation techniques taught in today’s class.” – Kelli, Oakland, CA

“The class gave me a new appreciation to meditation. The class was filled with nice energy and a welcoming spirit. It felt so good to be in the class.” – Mary, Oakland, CA

“The class was great! I hope to attend other classes. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to give meditation a try.” – Ralph, Oakland, CA

“I felt more centered after taking the class. I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to get away from the distractions of a busy life for only a moment.” – Sterling, Berkeley, CA

“Thank you! This was a rewarding class. I definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to give meditation a try or to enhance his or her level of happiness.” – Stephen, Berkeley, CA

“Thank you! I felt so clam and so peaceful after the class. This class offers valuable techniques and insight. If you always want to try a meditation class, this is your class.” – Thomas, Oakland, CA

“Thank you! I learned new meditation techniques in the class. Meditation is not what you think. Take the class and see for yourself. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.” – Vanessa, San Francisco, CA

“I felt very calm and very peaceful after taking the class. The techniques taught in the class are easy to do. I also enjoyed being in the class, learning and sharing with others.” – Wes, Berkeley, CA

“Thanks for the class! Meditation techniques were clearly explained in the class. I learned meditation is essential for one’s well-being. You should give this class a try if you always want to learn how to meditate.” – Anna, San Francisco, CA

“I would like to come back for more classes. I learned how to meditate properly. I also realize meditation is very important to me.” – Mikalai, San Francisco, CA

“Thank you! I liked that we learned different meditation techniques and we were able to ask questions and get tips tailored to our questions.” – Shanna, San Francisco, CA

“Good class. Thank you! I liked the class provided practical meditation techniques. I liked that we practiced these techniques during the class.” – Stacie, San Francisco, CA

“A very good class. I felt very quiet, peaceful, and pleasant by participating today’s class.” – Dan, San Mateo, CA

“I really enjoyed the class. I learned the basics of meditation. For me, the basics are a good place to start. One step at a time.” – Veer, San Mateo, CA

“It’s a valuable class. The class kept me away from a noisy world; it kept me at a peaceful place.” – Paul, San Mateo, CA

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