Some reasons to start meditating today

If you need some inspiration to start meditating now, here are some.

The great thing about meditation is that you can start right away without much effort on your part. I started learning how to meditate after going to one meditation class. It was so simple and easy.

Meditation increases brain size

If you are a meditator, you are likely familiar with the more obvious benefits of practice, which include a reduction in stress, an increased ability to enact mindfulness, greater concentrationĀ  and a lowered tendency toward immediate and excessive emotional dysregulation. Recent research suggests that, in addition to the anecdotal psycho-social benefits evidenced by a regular meditationĀ  practice, there is some empirical indication that meditation may contribute to a measurable differentiation between the brains of mediators and those of non-meditators.

Meditation improves concentration

Below are two interesting articles on how meditation can help improve your concentration. Participants in the study attended a three-month retreat in which they went without television, phones, the Internet and books. They also practiced meditation for 5 hours a day. They had instructor-led meditation in the morning and evening, and they spent most of their free time in solitary meditation.

Both articles talked about the same study that was conducted.

Washington Post article
WebMD article

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