Could Success and Happiness Be Intertwined?

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For people who are hunting down success, one important question should be asked: are you happy right now? People who are choosing to be consistently happy are also the people who generally find greater success in life! It isn’t about being lucky all the time or having more opportunities than others may have. It’s about taking your opportunities, working hard to create a successful environment using all of your tools, and allowing yourself to be happy no matter the outcome.

Are you ready to choose happiness… and ultimately choose success?

Take Care of Yourself Every Single Day

One of the core components of finding success is to take care of the problems that other people are facing. In order to take care of the problems that others are facing, however, you must also be willing to take time for yourself every day. There are a number of ways that you can take some time out of the day to take care of yourself:

  • take time to exercise every day,
  • give yourself 20 – 30 minutes of solitary time so you can meditate, or
  • develop healthy habits that pull you toward successful outcomes.

Just as someone can be pulled into eating sweets because they taste good and that makes them feel good, someone can also be pulled into healthy habits because they do the same thing. By taking care of yourself better, you’ll be in a better position to do more, to help more, and that’s what brings success!

Get Into a Consistent Daily Wake-Up Routine

When the weekend arrives, it can be extremely tempting to just sleep in for awhile because there are no responsibilities that are demanding to be met. Yet people who have a consistent daily wake-up routine that they use every day are actually happier and more successful. Why is that? Because it comes down to what we just discussed – taking care of yourself. When you feel fresh and focused in the morning, you’re ready to attack the day. When you don’t, you’re defending against the day.

Take Time To Disengage From the Day

Just as a morning routine that is consistent is important, an evening routine is as well. Being able to process the events of the day and to then disengage from them can help to quiet a racing mind, calm the thoughts, and ultimately bring about a deeper, more refreshing sleep. There are a number of different ways to disengage, but what you decide to do must be comfortable and familiar enough to you that it can help your mind sort through any bothersome thoughts or emotions during that time. It could be a walk, a familiar television show, or a few minutes of mindfulness meditation – if it works for you, then make the choice to do it!

Choosing success and happiness might be something that needs to be done every day, but as with any good habit, once you establish it, the habit will pull you toward it. Begin that process now so that you can experience the happiness and success that you want in life!

Are You Ready To Push Your Happiness Button?


Many people have said that happiness is just a choice over the years, with one theory even saying that we each set our own points of maximum happiness. When something good happens, we go into orbit around this set point, having an extreme level of joy before coming back to our set point.

What if you could reset your maximum level of happiness?

Only 40% of our total personality is made up of things that are outside of our control, such as our genetics, our environment, and our upbringing. The other 60% is firmly under our control and, according to some experts, is what we can use to change our attitudes in order to alter our overall experiences of life.

How Can You Change Your Maximum Levels of Happiness?

If you want to be more happy with life, is there a mental switch that you can flip that creates more contentment and joy? That’s actually a possibility, according to two studies that were recently published in the Journal of Positive Psychology. The simple choice of choosing to have more happiness and applying that choice uplifted the moods of study participants.

To take advantage of this yourself, one of the easiest ways to implement more happiness in your life would be to make one of your top goals be related to your overall happiness. Choose to surround yourself with people and environments that lift you up instead of drag you down. Resist negativity and it will flee from you!

Be Mindful of Perfect Moments

Far too often, we choose to rush from task to task in our busy lives, only slowing down when the day is over. Instead of rushing, take time to linger over those perfect moments that everyone encounters every day. Maybe it is that slight hint of nutmeg in your morning coffee that you love so much. It could be a quiet moment alone in the outdoors with the breeze in your face. Every moment we linger is a moment that we are choosing to extend happiness!

Lingering in a perfect moment also applies to the meditation forms that we practice. By pushing out the negative energy in a meditation session to impartially observe the best, most positive moments, we are able to change our mental environment toward one that is focused on happiness. By lingering, it is possible to extend those meditation benefits to last longer throughout the day!

Just Let Yourself Be Happy!

What is it that you wish to pursue? The dreams we each chase all are a reflection of how happy we want our lives to be. If we each allow ourselves to be happy, then we are opening our mental doors for happiness to come in. From gratefulness to a heightened compassion for others, happiness takes many forms that all have the ability to uplift life in some way.

Make these forms of happiness your highest priority for 2014 and beyond and there’s a great possibility that you’ll be able to reset your levels of happiness permanently!

6 Ways To Be Happy


Does it seem like everyone else is happy, but you are stuck in misery? Rather than trying to find company for that misery, you can make the choice to be happy as well. Whether you are seeking a contented life, a meaningful life, or an engaged life where you can teach others how to make a difference in the world, happiness is something that can be yours… if you’re willing to give yourself the chance to achieve it. Here’s how those who are consistently happy are able to maintain their lives of happiness:

1. They keep the company of other happy people. People are always influenced by other people in everything they do, whether they realize it or not. When it comes to happiness, you have a greater chance of experiencing a higher level of overall happiness if the people around you are generally happy as well. Joy is as contagious as a yawn, so take a few moments and enjoy the company of some happy family and friends today.

2. They are authentic. How many times have you seen advice on how to help make other people happy? Fake smiles, working hard at appearances… this can help give an illusion of happiness, but people eventually see through an illusion. Genuine happiness and care for other people makes other people feel loved, which then makes them feel happy. A warm smile that you actually mean to give someone can go a long way towards mutual happiness.

3. They work for the good of others. Sometimes called a “helper’s high,” it feels good to lift someone else up. Some people who experience happiness routinely even have the perspective that life isn’t worth living if they aren’t helping someone else in some way every day! Volunteering time to help someone actually triggers parts of the brain that create joy, which means you feel rewarded when you sacrifice something of yourself to help someone else.

4. They don’t care about time… all the time. When an activity has clear goals for success, is engaging, and it is stimulating, it is easy to lose track of time. That’s why many people call the bathroom the only place where time truly stands still! When you’re taking a long bath with a book or a hot shower that helps you relax, you can let the world slip away for a while and it really doesn’t matter what happens during that time.

5. They actively listen to others. When you take a moment to really hear what others have to say, this helps to deepen whatever relationship you may have with that person. Actively listening is a skill that takes focus, memory, and attention in order to successfully complete. When done proactively, it communicates to people that you care for them and this makes them happy. Because happiness is so contagious, their joy can then become joy for you as well.

6. They embrace some form of spirituality. Of course every form of spirituality is going to claim that it is the one truth that must be embraced in this world, but a deeper truth is that you choose the spirituality that is right for you. There is no right or wrong answer, but people who find that their life has a deeper purpose to it in the long-term scheme of this universe are generally happier because there is meaning to their existence.

It’s true that you can be happier and it’s true that you can choose this happiness for yourself. Use these tips today to embrace more joy in your life and kick misery to the curb… for good!

How to be Happy


Happiness is a choice. It is a choice that we make everyday. However we have been programmed to think that happiness will come to us once we are successful, if we lose 20 pounds, have lots of money, get that perfect job, find the right love relationship, once we retired, once the kids move out, you fill in the blank. It seems that we have postponed happiness for some time in the future.

According to Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage, the formula for happiness is backwards. Happiness leads to success, not the other way around. When we are more happy and positive, our brains are more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient and we are more productive at work. Our happiness also ripples out and affects people that we come into contact. In other words, the secret to success and happiness is to be happy now.

Shawn recommends 5 concrete things that we can do to be happy.

1. Live with Gratitude – Write down three NEW things that you are grateful for each day. Gratitude is the realization that we have enough. We have a tendency to focus on what is missing or lacking in our life. This simple act will show you that you have more than you think. When we focus on what we are grateful for, we will attract more abundance and happiness.

2. Journal – Write down 2 or 3 things that happen today that were positive. Write 2 or 3 things that you are looking forward to tomorrow. Write about good things people have said or done for you. Write about good things you will say or do for other people. When we start to write down about the positive experiences and aspects of our life, we gradually erase the negative mindset that we have been carrying around for many years.

3. Exercise –  Engage in 15 to 30 minutes of mindful cardio activity. There has been an enormous amount of research on the benefits of exercise. The bottom line is that daily exercise will lower your stress and put you in a better mood.

4. Meditate – Meditation like exercise has shown to have a positive impact on our body and mind. More and more studies are confirming what we all know – happiness and peace of mind is increased in direct proportion to the regularity of our meditations. When we meditate, we build an inner awareness which leads to greater happiness and fulfillment.

5. Engage in a random, conscious act of kindness. Do or say something nice for someone with no motivation or expectation of return. Researchers have found a positive correlation between happiness and kindness. When we are nice to others we feel good about ourselves.

5 Tips for Happiness


Most people are unhappy. People are unhappy for various reasons. Perhaps their reasons are legitimate. Maybe they just lost their job, have some health issues, struggling with money, lost a loved one, etc.

It is okay to feel sadness once in a while. But to be unhappy all the time is not a good way to live. Life is to short to always be unhappy. We all want to experience more happiness in life. Below are some tips to become happy.

1. Make happiness a priority.

It is a good idea to start your day by telling yourself that you are going to be happy. No matter what happens during the day, good or bad, you will remain happy. Happiness is not dependent on outside circumstances. Happiness is a state of mind that we can choose everyday.

2. Do things that make you happy.

I know this is pretty obvious but most people neglect this very simple tip. How many times during the week have you done things that make you happy? If you list less than 5, you need to add more happy moments in your life. Do something today tht your future self will thank you for.

3. Live in the present moment.

The present moment is the only moment where you ever truly live life. When you think about the past and future, you are robbing yourself of the opportunity to enjoy the present moment. One of the keys to happiness is live as much as you can in the moment. It takes some time and effort, but in the end, the act of living in the moment rewards not only you but the people around you.

4. Practice acts of kindness.

When life gets you down, the quickest way to cheer up is to do something for someone else with no expectations that you will be rewarded. Research shows that being kind to others increases our own levels of happiness as well as theirs. Making other people happy is the highest expression of gratitude.

5. Plan for happiness.

Everyone wants to be happy, but very few people achieve it. I think the problem is that we don’t consciously have a happiness plan. We have a plan for everything else but we neglect our own happiness. From the moment you wake up to when you fall asleep, you should make a conscious effort to be happy. Most successful people have a to-do list. Most successful and happy people also have a fun list. Develop happiness routines and make them a part of your everyday living.

Live in the Moment

We are happiest when we are living in the moment. But researchers say we spend nearly half of our waking hours thinking instead of being present. This constant thinking also makes us unhappy. “A human mind is a wandering mind, and a wandering mind is an unhappy mind,” said psychologists Matthew A. Killingsworth and Daniel T. Gilbert of Harvard University in their article to Science magazine.

Human beings are possessed with a remarkable mind. But the way most people use it is for mundane and negative thinking. When we are thinking, our thoughts are about things that happen in the past, things that might happen in the future or things that will never happen. All of this thinking makes us unhappy.

When we are constantly thinking about past and future events, we are not living in the present. This mind wandering not only makes us unhappy but can rob us of the joy of being focused on what is happening now. “Mind-wandering is an excellent predictor of people’s happiness,” Killingsworth says. “In fact, how often our minds leave the present and where they tend to go is a better predictor of our happiness than the activities in which we are engaged.”

Below is a TED talk from Matt Killingsworth that is worth watching.

5 simple ways to be happy

Most people want to be happy in life. I want to list the 5 surefire ways that can make a person happy.

1. Meditation

When you can make your mind quiet during your meditation, you will be happy. Happiness is a state of mind. Meditation is a practice that enables you to alter your state of mind. Meditation is the shortest path to happiness.

2. Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness is monitoring your mind all day and all night. Mindfulness means that as we go through the day we learn to gain control of our thoughts and emotions. We learn to replace negative thinking with positive thinking. Mindfulness is about living in the present moment. We don’t want to dwell in the past and worry about the future. The key to happiness is to be right here right now.

3. Giving

The fun in life is to give. The more we give the happier we become. We can give our money, time, energy, wisdom or love. We need to learn how to give selflessly with no expectation of return. When we give from the heart, we will be happy.

4. Nature

When you spend time in nature, it renews your spirit, energizes you and makes you happy. There is something about being in nature that brings balance and happiness into your life.

5. Gratitude

The study by Dr. Robert A. Emmons has shown practicing gratitude can increase happiness by 25%. The practice of gratitude is simple and easy to carry out. Get a piece of paper or a journal. Write down things you’re grateful. For example, thank you for being alive. I am grateful for the beautiful sunset. You’ll find when you’re done listing things you’re grateful for in your life, your frame of mind will be transported to a place of happiness and contentment. Try it and see it for yourself.

Some thoughts on happiness

This post talks about my favorite topic – happiness. The author made some great points that I want to highlight below:

Loving yourself means accepting that you are not a perfect being, but loving and respecting yourself anyway.

Contentment is key to being happy.

You will discover that when you focus on the positive, more good things come your way.

Life is about finding out about right and wrong, trying and failing, winning and losing. You haven’t truly failed until you stop trying.

True happiness is about doing and making the best out of every single circumstance. Smile at your own mistakes and tell yourself that you’ll do better next time, rather than beating yourself up and dwelling on your shortcomings. Mistakes are our life lessons and help us continue to advance. Be happy!

Happiness is a personal choice

I found this great article about choosing to be happy. In life, there will always be pain and sorrow. But what is not always going to be there is happiness. Happiness is a personal decision that we make at every moment in our life. You can choose to be happy or unhappy.

Have you ever heard someone say,”I’m just not happy?” Or have you ever wondered why you just can’t seem to find happiness? Why does happiness tend to elude so many of us?

Happiness is something you have to choose to be. A person can have all the money in the world, and still unable to acquire what it is they really want. A person can be surrounded by all of his friends and loved ones, and still be lonely.

A person can be forced to eat bugs to survive, stuck in a cold, wet prison cell, and still be happy. The happy person has gratefully accepted his surroundings, and has found some good or greater meaning in it, making the experience more pleasurable. Choose to be happy with what you have, by being mindful of the moment, and recognizing the potential it may have.

Getting into the habit of being happy is easy. The first step is to appreciate your blessings, and see the good or greater meaning of things.

7 secrets of a happy life

Do you want to be happy? The short path to happiness is through meditation. As you meditate you become immediately happy. What makes us happy and increases our happiness is contact with Light. As you go into the Light, it will cause you to be happier and happier. You experience this Light when your mind becomes quiet in meditation. Now you know everything you need to be happy.

But there is more! This article talks about the 7 secrets of a happy life. Some of these secrets might surprise you. I will list those 7 secrets below:

1. Money buys you little happiness
2. Friends are worth more than a new Ferrari
3. Winning the lottery won’t make you instantly happy
4. Losing your job makes you unhappy – but less so when others have too
5. Fat friends make you happier than thin ones
6. Divorce can make you happy
7. Happiness is contagious

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