You Can Change Your Life in 7 Minutes and Here Is Proof

what to do before meditating 

Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think about success, then you’re likely to find it. If you feel like you can’t succeed, then you won’t find success.

To change your life in 7 minutes, the first step you need to do is change your approach. I look at this process like the approach one makes when shopping on Black Friday. You plan out what stores to shop at, which deals are the most important to you, and then you decide to make things happen.

The same thing can be done with this morning routine, if you’re willing to give it a try.

#1. Prepare for your day before it starts.

Find a quiet place. Don’t be like me and think your desk is the best quiet place there is. Eliminate all distractions. Then bring along a journal or diary, a writing utensil, and a watch or a timer. After all, if you’re going to change your life in 7 minutes, it helps to have proof that it can actually happen.

#2. Clear your head.

This isn’t about meditation, prayer, or any form of religion or spirituality. In our modern world, clearing your head means shutting down your devices, ignoring your email, and stopping the social media notifications. I find that it is helpful to spend just one minute of being mindful of what is happening in this very moment.

#3. Breathe.

Deep breathing has a naturally calming effect on the body. No matter how much stress you might be experiencing, a deep breath can offer some relaxation and provide you with a better focus. I try to spend at least one-minute practicing deep breathing. Try to get 7-10 good deep breaths in during this 60-second period.

#4. Express yourself.

Now spend time with your creativity. This is what your journal or diary is for. Spend three minutes writing, drawing, or expressing yourself in this private book in some way. I personally like to doodle in mine, drawing animals, flowers, or whatever else strikes my fancy at that moment. There are no rules here except for this one: let your creativity flow.

Don’t think about it. Heaping pressure on yourself to write or draw something specific will result in a creativity blockage. Just grab your pencil or pen and put it to use.

#5. Debrief.

Once you’ve spent three minutes with your journal or diary, you are ready to review your work. I find it helpful to close the book before starting the 60-second debrief. This small transition helps me to shift gears from creativity to analyzation.

Take a close look at what you’ve written or what you’ve drawn. Think about why that is what your mind felt was necessary to express. Then make a brief plan to accomplish an outcome that is associated with what your creative side expressed. Choose just one outcome. Address it. Focus upon it. Be intentional about finding a way to make it happen.

And that’s it. Using this routine will cost you just 7 minutes and it will change your life. Want proof? Implement it today and see what happens.

Have you tried this 7-minute routine? What results were you able to achieve?