Why Meditation Is Your #1 Must Have As an Entrepreneur


The need to stay focused has never been greater than it is today. I know when I’m online, I’ve generally got 6 tabs up on my internet browser, maybe some music playing, and the email chime going off on a regular basis. It’s nice to be so connected, but not so nice when I’m trying to meditate. As an entrepreneur, I need to have some “me” time to keep my sanity.

This is why I’ve really come to embrace meditation as my #1 “must have” item every day. It has provided me with numerous benefits that I believe have helped my bottom line.

#1. Meditation helps me think. I’ve lost count of the many times that someone has said meditation has helped them to be more creative. Creativity is needed for a start-up business, of course, but there are times when a good thinking session is also needed. There is a definite difference in my cognitive thoughts after I meditate when compared to the times when I might miss a meditation session or two. It helps me be able to think on my feet.

#2. Meditation gives me more energy. Before I embraced meditation, the first thought on my mind when I woke up was “caffeine.” It started with one cup of coffee during breakfast. Then it moved to three cups of coffee per day. Then I moved to energy drinks. Pretty soon, I found myself having two or three energy drinks per day. On a long day in Las Vegas during an entrepreneurial convention, I had 5 energy drinks and couldn’t sleep for 3 days. That’s when I knew something had to change.

Meditation was the answer. It helped me break my addiction to caffeine over a couple of weeks. Now I wake up, feel energized after meditating, and that lets me conquer whatever challenges may come my way.

#3. Meditation helps me sleep better. Maybe this is because it helped me to kick caffeine to the curb, but honestly I never did sleep very well before I started to meditate. Even as a kid, I’d be listening to my radio under my pillow for hours after everyone went to bed. Now I have a more consistent circadian rhythm where I can lie down, relax immediately, and fall asleep within minutes.

#4. Meditation helps my feelings of good health. I had an English professor back in college who liked to say this one phrase over and over: “Your health is what you decide it will be. If you decide that you are well, then you will be well. If you decide to be unwell, then you will feel like you are sick all of the time.”

That has really stuck with me over the years, but it never really made sense to me until I started meditating. During meditation, all of the stress triggers I face during the day disappear for awhile. There’s not as much anxiety, worry, or even anger – and trust me, if things don’t go my way, the first thing I feel is anger! Meditation has helped find moments of clarity, which then creates more stability throughout the day for me.

#5. Meditation helps me stay productive. Because I’m more focused, I can ignore the distractions that might be trying to get my attention so I can get my work done every day. There were times in the past where I couldn’t work for more than 5 minutes without needing to do something else. Now I’ll sit down to work and before I know it, 2-3 hours have passed and my output surprises even me.

There are many things that are important to have as an entrepreneur, but I believe meditation is the one “must have” part of your routine that must be there. Have you embraced meditation as an entrepreneur? I’d love to hear about what has happened to you since you started meditating on a regular basis.