How You Can Use Meditation To Achieve Your Goals


Does it seem like your goals are sometimes just out of your reach? I’ve had this struggle, probably more often than I’d admit in casual conversation. There are times when I feel like I can do anything, but then there are times when it seems like whatever I do, that final few steps needed to accomplish a goal remain tantalizingly out of reach. It’s a frustrating feeling to say the least!

Through meditation, there are some steps that can be taken to help make those goals a little easier to achieve. These steps have helped me, especially recently, and hopefully they’ll have a positive impact for you as well.

#1. Choose one specific goal to accomplish. We all have many goals that we’d like to make happen, but meditation works better when we can be specific about what we hope to accomplish. Choose one specific goal to work on and then keep working on it until you achieve it.

#2. Use positive visualizations. Instead of picturing life after you’ve accomplished your goal, use your meditation time to picture yourself working through each step that is necessary to make it to that goal in the first place. I’ve found that practicing these tasks mentally during a sessions of meditation can prepare me for the physical or emotional challenges that might lie ahead.

#3. Take a few deep breaths. If it was easy to accomplish your goals, we wouldn’t need to use meditation, would we? When you’re visualizing each step, if you’re anything like me, then you’ll feel more than a little stress settle in your chest. Doubts may even begin to flood through your mind. Remember the basics of meditation at this point, including your deep breathing, and catalog those feelings. They’re important. If you just dismiss them without acknowledging them, they may fester and be problematic for some time to come.

#4. Answer the “why” questions. Questions are a normal part of the learning process. You must ask questions to get answers. I’ve found that I tend to have a lot of what I call the “why” questions when I’m working on achieving a specific goal. Why is this important to me? Why do I need to even be working toward this goal? Why would life be different if I achieve this goal?

#5. Take action to keep your focus. Random thoughts aren’t really that random. They are observations that your mind is making to create the structure you’ll need to achieve your specific goal. I can’t say that every thought makes sense at first, but they do make more sense when you take actions to maintain your focus, both in meditating and with your goal vision. Every action you take is one step closer to your goal. It’s important to remember that.

I’ve found that repeating this process 1-2 times per week can be helpful without feeling like it is overwhelming.