Approaching Mindfulness With Mother Nature


Meditation has always been something that I’ve prioritized in my life. Sometimes I let my priorities slide a little bit and put meditation on the back burner of life for a few days, but eventually I get back to it. Yet there are still days when I get into my comfort zone, begin to meditate, and struggle to find any clarity. Mindfulness? Forget about it.

To counter that problem, I’ve found that it can be highly beneficial to get back in touch with Mother Nature. Exploring the Great Outdoors really does unlock your mindfulness potential because there are so many small wonders that you can see if you allow yourself to slow down from the rigors of modern life. A cool breeze, the sound of the ocean, or even just the sunlight on my face is enough to change my perception.

Nature gets my attention.

Why Does Being Outside Unlock Mindfulness?

Human beings were born to be interactive with the outside. Our legs were built to explore. Our minds were built to observe. Our hands were made to interact with the perfect moments that surround us every day. There is a certain peace which comes when we’re on our own outside because our senses are always present. We get to engage our complete being in a way that riding the subway or commuting an hour to work in heavy freeway traffic just doesn’t allow.

But it’s more than that. It’s also about our relationships. People today are connected like never before. I can speak to a friend halfway around the world on a video call, talk to co-workers on Facebook, and check-in with my extended family at any time during the day. I can share my day with them and they can share theirs with me. This limits the amount of alone time we receive.

Going outside takes us away from the gossip and drama that relationships can provide. It takes us out of the city and into our hearts and minds. Instead of noise and movement, we receive quiet contemplation. When I struggle to find my clarity, this is why I make it a point of emphasis to get myself outside for my next meditation session.

How Can We Approach Nature in the City?

Living in the city makes it tough to have a conversation with Mother Nature every day. Tough, however, is not impossible. You might not be able to ascend to a mountain summit to meditate in the glory of the rising sun, but you could head down to your local park, kick off your shoes, and enjoy some time out there amongst the trees.

Many cities also have public gardens which make for wonderful meditation spots. If you share a building with others, maybe there’s a rooftop garden where you could find some moments of peace and clarity. If you’re willing to find a place where you can be still and listen to what your inner being and what Mother Nature are trying to tell you, then it becomes very possible to approach mindfulness even on the busiest of days.

Where do you go when you struggle to find clarity? I’d love to hear about some of your favorite places to meditate.