How To Make Meditation More Fun

7 ways to increase happiness

 Here’s an undeniable fact: we were born to meditate. Just look at all of the different positions a toddler utilizes as they play and you’ll see this is true. Through their giggles and innocence, there is a moment of perfection that can still provide us with clarity to use in our own meditation sessions we attempt as adults.

We can bring the fun back to meditation so it becomes easier and more effortless than ever before. These are the 7 ways you can make that happen starting today.

#1. Think about what you have instead of what you want.

We’re always focused on things that we want. It’d be nice to have some extra cash or to have a better job, right? Yet so many of us already have so much and we never even think about it. A loving home, food on the table, clothes on your back, and a chance to earn a paycheck are some things that not everyone has the chance to have. Try to find a way to be more content in what you have.

#2. Don’t force yourself into a specific meditation position.

The Lotus position is just one way you can meditate. It is important for you to be comfortable and in an environment that limits distractions above anything else. Close your eyes when you’re in the shower. Sit back in your office chair and take some deep breaths. Any inward attention is a form of beneficial meditation.

#3. Identify thoughts instead of trying to suppress them.

The brain doesn’t just shut down as you start to meditate. It continues to flood thoughts to your consciousness, eager for some attention. Ignoring those thoughts just causes them to become louder. Identify each thought, label them if necessary, and then go back to seeking clarity. In time, those racing thoughts do slow down.

#4. Don’t force it.

Meditation just happens, but we must be willing to allow it. So often we find that meditation isn’t fun because we’re trying to create a specific outcome. Let the experience flow naturally and do your best to remove any personal expectations about your experience. Be at peace with whatever happens and you may find more moments of clarity start coming your way when you’re not trying to force yourself into a specific model of meditation.

#5. Get into a rhythm.

The point of focusing on our breathing during meditation is to establish a metronome for the experience. Once the rhythm is established, it becomes easier to focus on connecting the conscious and subconscious mind so they can talk to one another. Take a few gentle breaths, let the distractions fade away, and then listen to what your body has to say.

#6. Take care of yourself.

If you’re not treating your body with respect, then it isn’t going to respect you when you’re trying to meditate. Simple things, like brushing your teeth 2x per day or getting a little extra exercise, can really help your mind to maintain its focus during a meditation session.

#7. Make sure there is a purpose to what you are doing.

Meditating for the sake of doing meditation isn’t really a purpose, but that’s what so many people are doing today and that’s why they’re not having any fun. Think about a specific goal you’d like to achieve by meditating. It could be lower stress levels, better clarity, or a chance to ponder thoughts you normally don’t get a chance to think about. Find your purpose and you’ll find your fun.

Meditation can be difficult. There may be days when you don’t want to meditate at all. This is going to happen. Yet when you’re following these 7 methods to make meditation more fun, you’ll find that there is a desire to make more time for it. Get started today and you’ll be able to open up brand new worlds within your mind.