5 Reasons Why Perfection Is the Last Thing You Need While Meditating

What would your life be like if you were able to meditate consistently every day? Many often give up on meditation because they feel like they aren’t doing it right – or worse, feel like they have failed in some way. There is an expectation that everything should fit into place, provide results, and make life better.

Except meditation really isn’t that way. It is just as messy and imperfect as life tends to be. That’s why it is so important to remove the expectation of perfection when you’re trying to establish a habit of meditation. Give yourself a break and consider these options to help make your time more fulfilling.

#1. You can meditate in whatever way works for you.

People have different requirements for meditation. You don’t have to be in a lotus position chanting mantras. The key to having a great time meditating is to be authentic about it. Find what works for you and then just do it, no matter what others might say.

#2. You don’t have to do the same thing.

It’s important to have a routine which includes meditation, but it doesn’t have to be a perfect routine. You might get to meditate for 20 minutes one day and feel awesome afterward. The next day you might be lucky to get 15 minutes in because the kids are fighting, the dogs are constantly barking at people on the sidewalk, and jets keep flying right over your house for some reason. Sometimes if you can get 5 minutes of quiet behind a closed door, when there is chaos around, that is just as good as a peaceful 20 minutes.

#3. You can meditate anywhere.

Maybe meditation on the toilet is a little extreme for some people, but what about meditating while waiting for your dinner to arrive at a restaurant? Or what about sitting at your computer to meditate while a video is buffering? The fact is that you don’t have to be in a perfect place to achieve a calmer state of mind.

#4. A wandering mind can be a good thing.

A mind that has racing thoughts is a mind that is evaluating, forecasting, thinking, and processing. These are great things for it to be doing. Instead of trying to shut that process down, embrace it. Look at what is going on in the quiet of your mind. Focus on each key point that comes across. Acknowledge what is going on. Then try to focus on a single point, like your breathing or perhaps the light of a candle, to help focus those racing thoughts into something a little more cohesive.

#5. When it doubt, just breathe it out.

 If you feel like nothing is working, then just take a couple of minutes and give yourself a chance to breathe. Repeat the deep breaths for as long as you can. That can be just as beneficial as 15 minutes of proper meditation technique.

Even meditation masters admit that when they meditate consistently for 30-60 minutes, they typically achieve 2-5 minutes of total clarity. That means even the best in the world are experiencing up to 55 minutes of imperfection. That’s why you should cut yourself a break and embrace the imperfection. Who knows what you might discover!