6 Ways To Make Mindfulness a Higher Priority

Woman sitting on floor at home doing yoga meditation

Mindfulness allows us to really wake up and experience our lives. Instead of coasting through each day, looking forward to a point that we think might bring us happiness, mindfulness gives us a different perspective. It allows us to find what happiness exists in each moment that we experience. Making mindfulness a higher priority can be difficult when you first get started, so here are a few ways you can reach your goals.

#1. Be patient with yourself.

When society says that you deserve everything right now, it becomes an unconscious expectation that you reach your goals rapidly. Some goals, like making mindfulness a higher priority, can take months or years to reach their maximum potential. Allow yourself the gift of patience, take one day at a time, and look for the small successes that come your way.

#2. Get to know yourself once again.

The modern life has many demands. The amount of information that we share and absorb from others is astronomical. It can be easy to lose yourself in all of this data. Sometimes spending some time unplugged from the rest of the world to get to know yourself once again can make mindfulness easier to find.

#3. Be brave.

Prioritizing mindfulness can be very difficult sometimes because it forces you to face your darkest demons. We all have hidden recesses in our minds that we don’t like to access because there is guilt, regret, and pain lurking there. Mindfulness will eventually help you be able to heal from these difficult emotions, but it takes bravery to confront it head-on during the early days of mindfulness. Remember: three steps forward, but two steps back is still one net step forward.

#4. It’s not just about yourself.

One of the most unique aspects of mindfulness comes when it is combined with loving-kindness meditation. As you focus on the small moments that exist around you, think about how those moments affect others. Send blessings to family and friends as you ponder these moments and you’ll find that your emotional intelligence will dramatically increase over the coming weeks.

#5. Join a community for accountability.

We can justify our lack of mindfulness in many different ways when we practice it on our own. Maybe there wasn’t enough time in the day. Maybe the kids were sick. Maybe there is a project at work with a tight deadline that requires all of your attention. Pretty soon mindfulness takes a permanent spot on the back burner. By joining a community which focuses on daily mindfulness, your new friends will help to keep you accountable to its daily practice.

#6. Give yourself space.

Although mindfulness can be practiced virtually anywhere, it is still important to have a peaceful spot that is all your own. By creating a dedicated space for mindfulness and other forms of meditation, you’ll be naturally prioritizing it each day. Look for a space that will minimize distractions so you can maximize your results.

Making mindfulness a higher priority can seem like an insurmountable task sometimes, but with a little proactive work it can be easy to accomplish. Consider these ideas, add them to your routine as appropriate, and you may just find the path of least resistance to happiness.