How Leadership Improves With Mindfulness Meditation


Executives are embracing mindfulness meditation in droves because they are seeing real benefits from this ancient practice in their lives. Not only does it make stress levels manageable for them, but it provides them with a number of additional advantages which are able to make them more effective at what they do for a living.

These same benefits and advantages also apply to everyone who may be in a leadership position. Here is why mindfulness meditation is quickly becoming a billion dollar industry and why you should consider adding this to your lifestyle in 2016.

#1: It makes you resilient. Mindfulness helps people to center themselves. When people are able to stay balanced, then anxiety levels are naturally reduced. Consistent balance makes people become more resilient against circumstances that can cause others to lose their composure. It gives people an outlet to find their own place of peace. Just 20 minutes of calm can make a world of difference.

#2: It boosts emotional intelligence levels. Have you ever had a co-worker or a supervisor who always seemed to know what you were thinking or feeling? There’s a good chance that this person was regularly practicing mindfulness meditation. Being mindful of each moment in each day brings us an awareness of how others are feeling around us. This allows us to work better in teams together because we can focus on our strengths and not be stepping on sensitive emotional cues.

#3: It enhances creativity. Mindfulness meditation taps directly into the creative centers of the brain. When the mind becomes bogged down by stress, anxiety, or responsibilities, then one of the first things that shuts down is the creative parts of the mind. Even fatigue can be enough to stop creativity. Mindfulness brings creativity back because it gives the mind a real chance to rest.

#4: It can improve your relationships. Stress creates tunnel-vision. It makes people miss all of the things that are happening around them because they’re so focused on one solitary negative element. When your mood is boosted because of mindfulness meditation, then the connections you have with others are increased as well. The end result is a stronger connection that is focused on compassion instead of self-preservation.

#5: It improves your focus. During the average day, you face an average of 20,000 decisions. Many of these choices wind up being distractions that take you away from work that needs to get done. Mindfulness meditation helps you choose to stay focused instead of checking Facebook for status updates or reading through your list of emails again.

So why is mindfulness meditation so difficult to include in the modern lifestyle? Because it is often seen as another task which needs to be completed. We refused to find time for it because we see life as already being “too busy.” Why add another responsibility? Yet when mindfulness meditation is embraced, the results can begin to be experienced in as little as 4 days with 20 minutes of daily meditation.

This is why mindfulness meditation enhances a person’s leadership qualities and abilities. If you’re not including this practice into your daily routine, then give it a try this week. You might just find the results you experience to be life-changing.