Meditation Will Open Up These 5 Doors


It’s true that the practice of meditation can be a difficult habit to start at first. Some people find the idea boring. Others don’t experience certain benefits they’re expecting to see in their lives and so they just give up. How meditation functions in each life is based on our own needs, wants, and expectations. You’ll have these 5 doors open up for you when you begin to meditate… but you’re still going to need to choose to walk through that door after it opens.

#1. The Art of the Process

“The end justifies the means.” We live in a society today that demands results. This causes people to compromise their own integrity at times just so they can get the next project finished. Meditation changes that perspective. Instead of looking at the conclusion of things, there becomes a greater focus on how you reach each conclusion.

You could say that the means justifies the end when meditation is being practiced. Even if there are obstacles in the way, something new can be learned and that helps to make life great.

#2. The World Comes Together

People are very divided today. There are two groups on opposite ends of each perspective and both sides view their thoughts as the “one true path.” Meditation simplifies this by taking the good out of each perspective and rejecting the rest. Instead of warring with others over ideological differences, meditation allows us to see that sometimes our own thoughts can be rather absurd.

#3. The Desires of Humbleness

What do you think of when you think of humbleness? Most people picture someone groveling in front of another, begging for scraps. Humbleness is really built upon a foundation of gratefulness. There is a willingness to sacrifice your needs for the needs of another. This is because meditation requires the destructive personal ego to be set aside.

There is always resistance to this process. From an early age, we often demand that our needs be placed above any others. That’s why you see kids throwing a tantrum at the grocery store over candy bars and why your co-workers throw tantrums when a supervisor they don’t like is promoted over them. Meditation helps us remove the destructive tendencies.

#4. The Control of Patience

When results are demanded immediately, then there is no time for patience. When we want that promotion, we must focus on that above anything else. Meditation changes this. Instead of looking into the future to strive for something that may not be, the dynamic changes to focus on the perfection of this present moment. The future can be changed. The right now only exists for a fleeting moment.

#5. The Benefit of Positive Self-Talk

Negative self-talk happens to many of us every day. “That was stupid,” you might say to yourself. Maybe you call yourself an “idiot” or worse. Meditation teaches us to begin accepting ourselves as we are. It shows us that more can be gained by forgiving ourselves for our failings instead of pounding ourselves into the dirt out of some desire to seek penance. We are who we are and with meditation, it becomes possible to love that fact.

The doors which meditation can open for you offer everything you’ve ever wanted and more. Your job is to walk through those doors and accept the gifts that have been offered. Do that and there is no limit to how meditation can change your life.