How You Can Begin To Practice Mindfulness Right Now

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We all have tough days. There’s a really bad one thrown in here and there for good measure too. When we’re practicing mindfulness, however, those difficulties melt into the background and become white noise. Here’s how you can get started right now.

#1. Feel your breath. Breathing in and breathing out is life itself working. Pay attention to the rhythm. Feel the sensations of each breath and what it does to your body.

#2. Connect your senses. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and the things we touch all create our existence. We take them for granted so often. Linger in the moment and enjoy what your senses are telling you. Then connect the different senses together to create a perfect moment.

#3. Pause in the silence. You don’t have to move onto the next task in your day right away. If you get started 2 minutes from now, the work will still get done. Pause in that 120 second silence and just experience those moments.

#4. Begin to actively listen. Instead of trying to state your opinion immediately, work on listening to what someone is actually saying. Repeat what you’ve heard them say back to them so you know you’re on the same page. Don’t listen to be negative or judgmental. Listen to learn.

#5. Do something incredible. We all have hobbies that we love, but they tend to get set aside so that more work can be accomplished. Schedule time in for your hobbies so you can be creative outside of your responsibilities. Get lost in the goal of doing or creating something incredible.

#6. You are what you eat. At least 3x per week, turn off the distractions that are around you at the dinner table. Shut off the computers, tablets, and phones. Leave the TV off. Maybe open a window if you can. Without the distractions, you get to experience the food in a different way. If you have a family, you’ll have a chance to connect with their day as well.

#7. Take a walk. Instead of pounding the pavement, try taking a walk that is light on the feet. Be aware of the strength of each footstep. You’re not trying to leave a trail on your sidewalk for others to follow. You’re trying to connect to the Earth without damaging it in some way.

#8. Meditate. 10-20 minutes of meditation every day can greatly enhance the experiences that mindfulness can provide. Adding this process can make all the difference in the world.

#9. Change things up. We are creatures of routine and that’s a good thing because it keeps us on schedule. It’s also a bad thing because we’re so used to our environment that we start ignoring what happens around us. By mixing up the routine from time to time, we can experience more of the world without sacrificing our schedule.

#10. Identify your thoughts. Instead of shutting out the thoughts you don’t like, observe them. Label them. Study them. See where they originate. Every action you take is a small step toward mindfulness.

You really can experience the world in a very different way thanks to mindfulness. Consider these options today so that you can begin immediately.