7 Habits of Those Who Are Consistently Happy

Choose Happiness

Happiness really can be a choice that we each make for ourselves every day. We can choose to be happy in all things. Far too often, however, we tend to look at the darker side of life. The people who experience the most happiness are following specific habits right now that can help them take advantage of the power of positivity. Here are the 7 habits you’ll want to consider adding to your life as well.

#1. Confront fear.

Life is too short to be worrying about everything. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to any of us. Instead of trying to hide from fear, those who are consistently happy are willing to confront it head-on. This allows us to gain more knowledge about what makes us be afraid and that knowledge builds confidence. In return, the fears can be conquered.

#2. Let the past go.

We all have regrets. We can’t change our actions from yesterday. We can learn from mistakes so that they aren’t repeated today or tomorrow. Holding onto regret will only cause happiness to stay away for good.

#3. Forgive yourself.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes we wind up making the same mistake more than once. This is because we all learn in different ways. Sometimes the first habit that must be established is the habit of never giving up. Learn to forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made and work hard not to keep repeating them.

#4. Take a risk.

Every choice presents a new opportunity. With more than 20,000 choices made every day, there are plenty of roads to explore. Instead of letting others dictate what choices you should make, follow your own path instead. Pursue a passion. Cultivate a hobby. Go after that dream job. Sometimes the best steps we take on our journey through life are actually leaps of faith.

#5. Create balance.

Is life too busy? Not busy enough? We are in control of our life’s balance, but sometimes we lose sight of that control. Structure your day to let every passion have a chance to grow and happiness will soon follow.

#6. Have a conversation.

Humans are social creatures and it doesn’t matter if you’re an extrovert or an introvert. Have a real conversation with someone. Talk about anything that is important to you. Actively listen so others can do the same. Together you may find depths of happiness within a single conversation that you never imagined could exist.

#7. Trust your intuition.

The only person who really knows you is you. You know what you want. You create plans. You make choices. We just start learning not to listen to our intuition because everyone seems to say that those intuitions are wrong. Trust yourself, trust your intuitions, and the noise of the outside world will fade into the distance.

You can choose to find consistent happiness. You can become the person you want to be every day. These habits will help you to discover your passions and give you permission to pursue them. Now is the day to begin because tomorrow might just be too late.