5 Ways Productivity Improves With Meditation

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Organizations are turning to meditation like never before thanks to what science is discovering about this ancient practice. When an employee is encouraged to take time from their working day to meditate, many organizations have discovered that their productivity levels per employee increase in return. There are also numerous benefits that will be directly experienced by the employee. Could you benefit from these productivity boosters?

#1. Meditation reduces individual stress levels.

Stress is something that everyone at work experiences at just some level. It’s also something that happens outside of the professional environment. If employees are focused on stress, then they aren’t focused on work. By encouraging meditation, stress levels can be reduced so that a greater focus on the project at hand can be achieved. As a side effect, employees may also notice less tension, lower blood pressure, and other health improvements.

#2. Meditation helps with concentration.

“How would you describe your multitasking skills?” It’s a common interview question because the demands on the average employee are higher than ever before. The only problem is that 98% of workers need time to switch between two different tasks. That time gap can be as large as 15 minutes for some individuals. Through meditation, the brain can transition more quickly between tasks, be able to shut out distractions, and therefore be more efficient.

#3. Meditation improves emotional intelligence.

Being in touch with personal emotions and the emotions of those around them is important to the professional environment. Meditation helps employees get to know themselves better, which then helps them get to know everyone else around them a little better as well. Compassion naturally increases with meditation because people understand each other a little more. This emotional intelligence allows an employee to be more productive because they have more wisdom.

#4. Meditation encourages higher levels of creativity.

It can be difficult for an employee to be creative if they have a mind full of clutter. Racing thoughts and worries cloud the creative process. Meditation is like a strong wind which blows all of that away. In return, an employee can become more creative because their mind isn’t overloaded with other issues that are being processed. In return, the organization will receive new points of view that they may have never encountered before, allowing it to become more competitive within its industry.

#5. Meditation improves health.

This benefit will definitely impact the overall budget. Employees who meditate regularly take fewer sick days when compared to employees who say they don’t meditate at all. It’s a practice that slows down the aging process, strengthens immune function, and can even reduce inflammation. After meditating, employees feel refreshed and ready to take on a challenge.

Meditation helps to calm the mind and from a professional perspective, a calm mind is a productive mind. By having a meditation room or allowing specific break times to encourage meditation, productivity levels could potentially go through the roof.