Meditation Is the Not-So-Secret Path To Success

guy meditating

We all need time to decompress and gather ourselves over the course of a day. Meditation gives us this chance because it encourages clear thinking, enhances creativity, and helps us maintain emotional balance. Stopping everything for a 20 minute meditation break might seem like a waste of time on the surface of things, but what people have learned is that there is great value in the 20 minute meditation break.

Meditation Doesn’t Have To Be a Spiritual Experience

This might be the biggest misconception of all when it comes to meditation. Although it has roots in spiritual practices, meditation doesn’t have to be a spiritual or religious experience. It can be a business decision that provides someone with an extra level of mindfulness and clarity so profitable thoughts can come forward. There doesn’t have to be any chanting, incense, or music featuring xylophones for meditation to work.

You can just be yourself. You can choose to be in the present moment. You can choose to focus on the solution to a problem instead of the problem itself.

It doesn’t take a special skill set to begin meditating. There are no secrets that only “meditation masters” know that they must teach you in order for meditation to begin. Something as simple as sitting in a quiet moment to observe your thoughts as they come by is basic meditation. Taking a walk and paying attention to your breathing patterns and the feeling of air on your skin is basic meditation. Even sitting under a tree and closing your eyes to enjoy the sounds of nature could count as meditation.

You Don’t Need To Make a Large Time Investment

If the alarm goes off at 7am and you need to be on the road at 7:30, then spending 20 minutes to meditate in the morning doesn’t make much sense. You could get up earlier, but you could also split up your meditation time. Some people find that having 10 minutes to meditate in the morning prepares them for their responsibilities and then 10 minutes in the evening helps them to recover from the stresses of the day.

What matters more than setting a specific time goal is setting a specific habit that encourages daily meditation at some point. You can always choose to extend your meditation time when you wish. Looking forward to meditation instead of dreading the thought of adding it is one small step toward the chance to experience more success.

If you’re feeling tired, stressed out, or overwhelmed because of what happens to you every day, then consider giving meditation an honest look. You may just find that it can become your not-so-secret path to success as well.