Create More Time For Meditation With These 7 Tips

make time for meditation

Are you trying to find time to meditate daily and discovering that the time commitment is more difficult than you envisioned? You can create more time for meditation and here are 7 methods that will help to get you started right now.

#1. Make it a daily routine.

Of course it is better to create a time for meditation that is the same every day. If you can’t make that happen, then shift to a daily routine. Make meditation a responsibility that needs to be fulfilled, like cooking dinner or picking the kids up from soccer practice. If you miss a day, get back on it the next day for sure.

#2. Schedule it into your calendars.

With calendars syncing across all platforms, you can put meditation into a 15 minute window and block it out from overlapping. This gives you protected time every day that can be used for meditation. It’s a responsibility to maintain this schedule, but this protected time is also a gift to yourself.

#3. One breath can change everything.

All it takes is one small breath with the intent to begin meditating to change your life. The effects of meditation accumulate throughout the day. If all you can do is pause for a moment and take one unpressured breath, you can find some amazing benefits even if you’re only taking 20 seconds at a time to get them.

#4. Adjust your morning to adapt.

The morning is the best time to meditate and it’s the easiest place to carve out a few minutes. There’s something that you’re doing in the morning that can be compressed or eliminated. Even in the worst case scenario, just set your alarm clock back 10 minutes to give yourself time to begin meditating.

#5. Use it as an extension.

You have numerous habits that you complete every day, often without thinking about them. If you can add meditation onto the end of one of these habits, then it becomes a lot easier to extend the time you’re able to meditate. Any existing activity can have meditation anchored to it so that you’re able to create more time for this beneficial practice.

#6. Tune out the world.

We all have relatively busy lives today. Information flows freely and we are inundated with it. Sometimes you’ve got to just shut it all down, put on some headphones, and tune out the world. When you can do this, then you can meditate virtually anywhere.

#7. Cut out some time from something you’re already doing.

Did you know the average person spends almost 40 minutes per day just on Facebook if they have an active profile? There are ways that you can carve out some time from what you’re doing to add meditation if you’re willing to give it a fair look. If you watch 2 hours of TV every night, you could make it 90 minutes instead and have 30 minutes for meditation. 40 minutes on Facebook could become 20 minutes. Instead of shopping on your preferred online store, you could be meditating. Be honest with yourself, trim down the extra time, and you’ll get the best of all worlds.

Meditation is something that you can practice at virtually any moment. Mindfulness allows us to find perfection in each moment that passes us by. If nothing else, dwell for a moment on a sensation, a flavor, or the warmth from the sun on your face and you’ll be meditating. Small moments can lead to larger ones and eventually that encourages us all to create more time for meditation.