5 Ways Students Can Benefit From Meditation

student meditation

Whether you’re just entering high school or you’re a semester away from earning a college degree, meditation can become an integral part of your life. When practiced on a regular basis, students have shown to have higher performance levels that are consistent and a number of additional benefits that can help them make the grade. If you’re ready to increase your focus, then consider these 5 essential benefits that meditation could bring into your life.

#1. Meditation Naturally Increases IQ Levels

Students who regularly practice meditation for at least 15 minutes per day have an overall increase in their IQ levels. It isn’t just intelligence that increases when meditation is practiced either. Students who meditate regularly also have higher levels of creative thinking and practical awareness as well. This means students can have a better focus on the materials that are presented to them and then retain more of the information for future use.

#2. Meditation Causes Stress Levels Go Down

Studying for a mid-term exam can be a highly stressful experience. It’s also very stressful to try to navigate the maze of hallways that come with a first day of high school. For students who regularly meditate, however, the stress levels they experience every day are remarkably lower when compared to students who do not meditate at all. With less stress affecting the mind, students also have a higher level of alertness and are able to increase their concentration levels on certain tasks.

#3. Meditation Helps With Academic Progress

Students who can meditate twice per day during the school year can show an amazing amount of progress at their grade level in a short amount of time. In just 3 months, it has been shown that students who meditate more than once per day can achieve more than 40% improvement in their academic progress. That is 30% more progress than students who don’t meditate at all. Students who just meditate once per day fall into the mid-range of academic progress in these groups.

#4. Meditation Creates Stability

Students who regularly meditate tend to be healthier overall and have fewer incidents of aggressive behavior in school. It is believed this occurs because the act of meditation helps to calm the mind and relieve anxiety and the typical pressures that school can provide.

#5. Students Who Meditate Are More Confident

When students meditate regularly, they feel more confident because they can see their mental skills increase over time. This evidence translates into higher levels of self-esteem and emotional control as well over the course of just a semester, even if students had never tried meditation before. Students were also able to relate to feelings and emotions much more effectively.

Meditation isn’t just for adults. Students of any age can immediately benefit from daily meditation as well! With amazing results being seen in just 90 days, the time to begin meditating is now.