5 Easy Ways to Make Meditation Part of Your Daily Routine

Daily Meditation Routine

Did you know that your daily routine can become part of the way you meditate? Many of us tend to do the same things every day as we get ready for work, eat lunch, or drive home along the same route after a stressful day. By changing how we view these routine items so that we’re more mindful of what is going on, it becomes possible to create meditation moments throughout the day that can create a barrier against stress.

Here are 5 ways that you can begin to make that happen right now!

#1. Use cleansing as a meditation ritual. Whether you wash your face in the morning or you have a shower at the same time, take this moment as a way to start off your day with meditation. Let the warmth of the water surround you. Take notice of the soap or cleansers and how they smell. Feel the smoothness of the lotion as it glides on your skin.

#2. Take moments to breathe. What gets so many of us in trouble during the day is forgetfulness. It’s not that we forgot a deadline or the gallon of milk we were asked to pick up. We forget to breathe! There are numerous moments throughout the day where you can just take a couple moments to enjoy a deep breath. Let the experience overwhelm you and relax your muscles. You might just find more patience to tap into when you do this on a regular basis.

#3. Lunch is perfect for meditation. There’s a good chance that you’re practicing mindfulness during lunch without even realizing it. Great flavors and a wonderful atmosphere that allows you to be quiet and contemplative will create an enormous level of personal satisfaction… and that translates into relaxation!

#4. Take a walk to decompress. Exercise helps to reduce stress, so imagine what combining mindfulness and exercise could be like! Take a brisk walk and enjoy the movement in your muscles as your feet hit the ground. Feel the brush of a leaf against your arm or the grass beneath your bare feet. Let your thoughts wander, send them away if you wish, and focus adding a breath to each footstep for an incredible experience.

#5. Check your speech. It’s easy to have a sharp retort. It’s not so easy to speak words that can empower others to do something great! The tongue really is a double-edged sword, but a moment of mindfulness can make the decision to create kindness much easier to make. It isn’t just to other people that you can practice this either – negative self-talk can be just as damaging as if someone else spoke those words to you.

With so many ways to add perfect little moments of meditation to your daily routine, it will become easier to incorporate mindfulness into life. Try these five methods today and you will see some immediate changes begin to develop that include more patience and the ability to withstand stress in better, healthier ways.