How Could You Add More Mindfulness To Your Life?

mindfulness in your life

As technology continues to take on more roles in life, people are finding that they must consciously disconnect from the world in order to avoid burnout and high stress levels. The idea of mindfulness was once reserved for the ultra-spiritual, or perhaps the person who walked into the heavily scented store that sold crystals, but those days are gone. Mindfulness is something that has become commonly practiced because it is so easy to add to life!

Here are some fundamental ways you could add mindfulness to your life:

Take a walk. Nothing cures stress like a little exercise. When you take a walk, you gain the chance to calm the mind, obtain a better focus once again, and often tap into your creative centers. Green is often relaxing to people, so try taking a walk through a local green space and just enjoy the time away you’re taking to start the process of mindfulness.

Every moment is an opportunity. Can you really practice mindfulness while putting wet clothes into the dryer? Or sticking dirty plates into the dishwasher? You can… and that’s often the best place to start. Being more aware of the sounds, the smells, and the sights of your environment integrates the routine of mindfulness and helps provide long-term success.

Breathing is fundamental. Your breathing patterns are a measurement of how you’re really feeling. Control your breathing and you’ll control those difficult stresses and emotions that are bothering you. Ever take a deep breath to calm down? Now imagine using mindfulness to take a deep breath that lasts all day long!

Eliminate multitasking. When someone’s attention is divided into just two directions, it will take them twice as long to get one task done and they’re twice as likely to make errors. How many tabs are up on your internet browser right now? And do you check social media and the news and your email while working? That’s multitasking too!

Eating and sleeping right plays a major role. There’s an old kid’s song that says Input Output, what goes in is what comes out. What you eat plays a big part in achieving mindfulness because your body needs the right fuel to get through the day. Put junk into your body and you’ll get junk out! Take time to eat, taste the food, and get the right amount of sleep that you need every night.

They get outside. Did you know that you can actually become deficient in Vitamin D if you don’t get outside enough? Going outside does more than just put sunlight on your skin and make you healthy, however, because it also encourages exploration. Mindfulness is all about exploring the internal and there’s no better way to do so than while exploring the external.