Can You Afford Not To Meditate?

guy meditating

There are two primary skills that people need in this modern life: the ability to focus and the ability to concentrate. Without these skills, it is difficult to get the tasks done that have to be done every day. It goes beyond the workplace – without focus and concentration, laundry falls behind, dishes don’t get washed, and carpets don’t get vacuumed.

Some might say that they don’t have enough time for meditation because of all the jobs that need to be done. The reality is that you can’t afford not to meditate daily because meditation is one of the most effective ways to develop these two essential skills that are required of people in today’s Twitter age.

How Does Improved Focus and Concentration Help?

Think about what happens during your average work day. You’ve got a number of distractions that are all headed your way like a heat-seeking missile:

  • there’s the co-worker with a full cup of coffee who wants to talk about last night’s TV shows, or
  • there’s the constant ringing and dinging of your social media notifications, and
  • there’s always your boss who comes in with an emergency project that needs to be completed by 5pm, along with all of the other work that is due for the day.

By utilizing your skills of focus and concentration, you can have your mind prioritize the tasks at hand and actually begin to do things simultaneously. It’s like a web browser for the mind that can have multiple tabs up at the same time. You’ve got multiple thought strands running, but you’re focusing on one page while the others await your attention to display the information you need.

How Does Meditation Help This Process?

As you meditate, you’re causing your mind to compartmentalize the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the patterns of thoughts that are always racing through your head. That’s why finding time to meditate every day is so important to success in this modern life! No other practice allows you the opportunity to practice the skill of compartmentalization so that you can make sure the right page on your mental web browser is displayed at the right time, every time.

One of the most difficult things to resist is an urge. We have urges every day that cause us to become distracted. That’s the hardest part about having multiple mental web browsers up and active, because it’s so easy to flip between the pages! When you do that, it feels like you’re getting a lot accomplished and you wear yourself out, but in the end nothing really ever got done, did it? Resisting the urge to constantly flip pages requires discipline and that’s often the missing component that people need.

With Discipline, Anything Is Possible!

The first step on your pathway to greater discipline is to make sure you take time every day to meditate. As you practice this discipline, begin applying it to your skills of focus and concentration so that you can stay at that one open mental web browser page for as long as you need to get the job done. No matter what that job may be, from laundry to the signing of a a new contract, it is through the practice of meditation that you will find the most success.

Make time for meditation today and you may be surprised at how fast your skills develop!