6 Ways to Be Happy

Choose Happiness

Have you heard that happiness is a choice? It is a choice that you make everyday. Making that choice seems so easy for some people, doesn’t it? The reason why the choice of happiness is easier for some than it is for others is that there are ways you can cultivate happiness and have it grow in your life every day. Here’s how you can make that become your reality too!

1. Live a Healthy Life

What goes in is what is going to come out. If your focus is on junk food, snacks, sodas, and high caloric content foods, you’re only cultivating short-term happiness. To cultivate long-term happiness, focus on eating right, drinking enough water, and taking care of yourself with a little exercise every day. A better diet can even reduce your risks of future health risks, which potentially means a longer life!

2. Lose a Little Weight If Needed

Doctors hound people to lose weight because they know that even a 10% drop in weight can lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels dramatically. Less weight also generally increases self-confidence, which is one of the building blocks of happiness! Don’t go on a crash diet because that can increase your risks of certain health issues, particularly gallstones. Trying to lose a pound or two each month and take satisfaction in the process instead!

3. Find Contentment

Without contentment, we’re constantly striving to have more, be more, buy more, do more, work harder, or work smarter so that we can be someone “better.” The problem is that once “better” is achieved, there’s a new “better” to achieve and so the cycle never ends. Those caught in that cycle struggle with happiness for one simple reason: they never really are satisfied. The more we find a way to be content with our current circumstances, the more we’re able to experience happiness.

4. Be Patient

By demanding that happiness must occur, the result is that happiness will flee. Be patient and happiness will come to you in its own time, when it’s ready. While you’re waiting for it to arrive, you have the perfect opportunity to practice being content in your current circumstances.

5. Be Generous

The modern concept of karma is that what goes around comes back around. In that spirit, by being generous to others and working to increase their happiness, the same will eventually come around to you. A life well lived is a life where others are loved just as much as one loves themselves, which means sometimes putting others, even strangers, ahead of you on the priority list. Although there’s no guarantee for a return, of course, there is something pleasant about changing someone’s life for the better, even if it’s just in some small way.

6. Find the Positive in Everything

It’s easy to find problems. It’s not as easy to find the good in every situation. Misery loves company, so the more negativity you seek to find, the more miserable you’re likely to become. Find the positive in even the worst of situations and you’ll discover that happiness could be right around the corner.

Being happy might be a choice, but we’ve got to cultivate that choice so that it can appear when we need it to be there. By following these examples, happiness really can be easier to find!