5 Steps to Defeat Stress


Stress can get to everyone at some point in their life. We experience little moments of stress every day when something doesn’t go right. It could be that guy who just cut you off in traffic or it could be your boss going back on their word about a promotion. Either way, the more proactive we all are about the stress that surrounds us, the less that stress can be in control. We can be in control!

Here are 5 ways that you can be more proactive against life’s stresses beginning today:

Learn to say “No.” One of the biggest causes of stress in life is the feeling of obligation that we all have to certain people. We say we can get something done even though we know it’ll take a miracle of supernatural proportions to make that happen! The instant we say “Yes I can do that for you,” the stress begins. That means there is no greater way to be proactive against the stress of life than to learn to say “No!” when something just can’t get done.

Take some time with nature. There is no greater force that controls stress better than Mother Nature. Sure, a hurricane here or a tornado there will send people into anxiety and sometimes a tsunami will destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, yet even in the greatest disasters there are places where peace, serenity, and gentleness are the order of the day. Be proactive and find this places that nature provides and you’ll be able to gather up the strength you need to tackle a difficult situation.

Take care of yourself. When your body is worn down, you’ll experience more stress simply because you won’t have the willpower to be proactive against it. The worst decisions that people make are when they’re scared, they’re stressed, or they’ve been hurt in some way and that’s when trouble starts. If you focus on wellness, both physically and mentally, then you’ll also be naturally focusing on proactive ways to defeat stress on a daily basis. Let good stuff go in so great stuff can come out!

Make sure you get enough rest. When your body is in a constant state of being tired, it begins to crave certain things to make it stay awake. That means unhealthy snacks, fatty foods, and undoubtedly lots of caffeine. Your body also tends to store these extra calories as fat when you don’t get enough rest, ultimately giving you less energy on a long-term basis! Know how much sleep you need every night and, worst case scenario, schedule it into your calendar to make sure you get it so you can have more clarity against the stress.

Celebrate every victory. With stress constantly around, it can seem like there aren’t any victories to be had because stress is never defeated. That’s a dangerous trap! Any time you are proactive against stress and remove it from your life, even if it’s just for a moment, that is a small victory. Begin celebrating each small victory you receive and you’ll begin to notice a pattern of you being great against the storm of craziness that always seems to be around you!

We can’t necessarily control the chaos that surrounds us, but we can be proactive and do something about how it affects us each day. Use these tips as you see fit in your life and you’ll be taking a step toward a calmer, happier life that is keeping the stress out every single day!