Release the Unhappiness From Your Life

Release Unhappiness

Does it seem like everyone else is happy, but not you? Do you feel like you’re working hard to barely stay ahead while everyone else is leaving you behind? One of the easiest traps to fall into in this life are the ones that unhappiness can set for us. Once trapped, we continue to spiral down into the trap until we’re overwhelmed and feel like there is no way out…

… But there is a way out. By recognizing what trap we’ve managed to fall into, we can release the unhappiness from our lives and bring ourselves back into the sunshine of happiness once again! Here are the common traps that unhappiness will set:

1. Perfection

Does it seem like everything you do needs to be perfect? Do you work endless hours every day making sure every dot and letter is exactly where it is supposed to be? Unhappiness sets in when we believe we have failed people because we haven’t delivered an utterly perfect product every single time. This is a trap because humanity’s perfection is actually in its imperfection. Set deadlines for yourself, stick to them, and allow yourself to be satisfied in giving 100% to the task, even if it could have been better in some way.

2.  Negative Self-Talk

“You’ll never get that done in time!” “You’re just so stupid because you couldn’t figure that out!” “You’re just a moron!” Negative self-talk is one of the most powerful traps that unhappiness can set for one simple reason: self-talk defines who we really are. Sure – we might look to outside influences to get feedback, but our true worth is defined by what we believe it to be, not what others think it to be. Inspire yourself, focus on the successes that each day brings, and lock up that negativity in the closet where it belongs.

3. Past Successes Don’t Translate

It’s the classic behavior seen at a high school class reunion. There will invariably be people there who still live in the 4 years of high school they had, remembering all the successes that they had while complaining over spiked punch how miserable their lives are now. Past successes are important, but don’t stay in that importance. Create new successes. Keep moving forward and let the past stay where it needs to stay… behind you.

4. Keeping Up with Everyone

Another classic trap that unhappiness likes to spring is the comparison trap. Other people are better looking, have more money, or better lives than you. You should have that stuff too because you’re just as good as they are, right? So when you don’t get the same things, you become unhappy because you feel inferior to everyone else around you. You might even feel like everyone is judging you and looking down upon you! The only person that matters is you. Not your boss. Not Bob, your crazy neighbor. Not Gillian, who works 18 hours a day and never sees her family so she can make six figures. You are the judge of you and you just need to keep up with yourself.

No one can avoid all of the traps that unhappiness can set, but by recognizing them immediately, you can pull yourself out of them much more quickly. Happiness can rule the day if you make that choice… so choose to get out of the traps you might be in right now and let happiness rule in your life once again!