Find the Perfect Moment in Every Moment of the Day

Young woman on tree swing

There’s no denying that we all want to be happy with our lives. Of course, in reading this, there is a certain level of comparative happiness that each of us has without ever realizing it. Just because others might be envious of our lives, however, doesn’t mean that we’re inevitably happy with our own circumstances. We seek out happiness in having perfect relationships, perfect jobs, or even the perfect home, but what if we’re looking at the scale too big to truly find happiness?

What if all we needed to do was to look for the perfection that each moment holds? If that perfection could be found, would it lead to an increase in overall happiness?

Be Content In Each Moment

Happiness might seem like it comes from perfection, but it really originates from being content within each moment that occurs. Moments are like snowflakes: no two are exactly alike! Each is perfect in its own way, but that perfection might not be in the exact way we want it to be. Instead of trying to manipulate each moment to meet our standards, trying being content in the inherent perfection each moment holds so that something new can always be discovered. You just might find more happiness there!

Explore Each Moment With an Open Mind

Our preconceived notions get us all in a lot of trouble, including sadness and even anger. Instead of closing off your mind when you encounter a moment that doesn’t meet your expectations of perfection, explore that moment to see what it offers. By allowing for diversity, what we’re really doing is allowing learning opportunities to occur. It is in those opportunities that each of us learns, grows, and finds a deeper overall happiness.

Allow Yourself To Be Out of Control

There’s this thought that if we can all control the moments that come our way, we’ll somehow be able to manipulate them to fit our own purpose. What ends up happening, however, is often regret and pain because let’s face it – the only thing that we can ultimately control is ourselves. Because of this, you can allow yourself to be out of control in specific moments so that the perfection of that moment may become evident. When that occurs, you might be at the mercy of some other power, but you may just have a happier experience for it!

Use Moments To Lend a Helping Hand

Sometimes the perfection of a moment isn’t about us. Instead, it could be about someone else close to you, an acquaintance, or even the stranger you just came across on the street. By focusing moments toward the help that can be provided to other people, we can experience a different kind of perfection that brings about a deeper level of happiness. It’s a happiness in the knowledge that we made an effort to eliminate someone else’s negativity.

Negative Moments Aren’t Necessarily Imperfect Moments

As a final thought, we all often associate negativity with imperfection and that makes us unhappy. What if we could explore those negative moments to see what kind of teaching moments could be there? Some of the greatest character-building traits come in losing instead of winning and that character is what can give someone the resilience to dust themselves off, stand back up, and declare that they will not be defeated!

Happiness comes in many forms and the many moments we face every day are perfect in their own unique way. Find that perfection, reflect upon it, and ultimately that will lead to a much happier life overall.