Mindfulness Makes New Year’s Resolutions Easy


Do you find that keeping a New Year’s resolution becomes difficult after the first couple weeks? Many people hit a lull with their resolutions right about now and many of them choose to just set them aside. Sometimes it is because there is too little success being noticed from implementing these resolutions, but often it is because a good resolution can be mentally difficult to keep. That’s why instituting the practice of mindfulness can be so helpful to stay on track with any resolution!

What Is Mindfulness? How Can I Make It Work?

In a very real sense, mindfulness is the conscious choice to discard the distractions and problems that are being experienced on any given day to focus on the essentials of life. Rather than engage thoughts, you notice them as an outside observer. You focus on your breathing or one thing that allows you to be able to stay in tune with yourself and your body.

Mindfulness meditation can take several years to master, but its powerful effects can begin from the very first attempt that is made. From chronic pain to anxiety issues, mindfulness can help balance the body, the mind, and the soul. The key is to make sure that the moments that are being encountered are simply being observed… not judged.

Here’s Where Mindfulness Fails For Many People…

Many people may experience the initial benefits of mindfulness meditation and be encouraged by them. Then, out of the blue, they have a thought that they not only observe, but also judge. Once this happens, the effects of mindfulness begin to reduce. When this reduction occurs, then negative self-talk while in the meditative state begins.

Why did I have to judge that thought? That was a stupid thing to do!

I’ve failed myself once again. Can’t I ever get anything right?

I’ve always been dumb and this just proves it.

Negative self-talk is a very destructive cycle. Once it begins, the positive effects of mindfulness meditation continue to reduce, which ultimately results in more negative self-talk and another cycle. By stopping the negative self-talk, many people often find that mindfulness can work miracles!

How Can Negative Self-Talk Be Stopped?

It’s all about shifting habits. For those who have never really attempted mindfulness before, there is likely a multi-tasking habit in place because of being so used to the busyness of any given day. This causes multiple thoughts, multiple reactions, and multiple chances for negativity to occur! By working to achieve a mindfulness “tunnel vision” of sorts, instead of multi-tasking every thought, it is possible to look at each thought and set aside thoughts that aren’t very useful at that given moment.

Instead of judging a thought or worse, judging yourself because you had a thought that wasn’t what you wanted to have, just bring yourself back to the present. Focus on that one thing that brings you into a meditative state. That’s where mindfulness can begin to work for you!

Resolutions are about making the most of a fresh new start with every moment. Mindfulness can help you become more aware of each moment instead of allowing them to pass undiscovered. When you can take advantage of these moments, you’ll be able to achieve any resolution you have!