Stay Calm and Just Meditate

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It’s been a long, hard day and the only thing you want to do at home is crash. Forget dinner, forget any chores that need to be done at home… it’s time to restore the relationship you have with your couch, your television, some take-out, and maybe a favorite movie. This investment usually lasts two or three hours, right? What if you could invest just 30 minutes and not only release the stress of a bad day, but find more energy, calmness, and relaxation?

That’s what meditation can do. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to be perfect at the practice of meditation to achieve these benefits!

There Are Four Basic Ways To Meditate

When you’re just getting started with meditation, it is tough to know how to begin. We often see people sitting on the ground, their legs crossed, with their arms on their knees and so that’s where we start. If you haven’t meditated before, find a place to sit that’s comfortable, then pick one of these four basic meditative methods:

Awareness cultivation. This form of meditation takes a look at the issues and problems that are causing you stress. Instead of slogging through the mires of stress, you’re placing yourself outside of the situation to look at these issues and problems from an outside observational perspective. You’re working on becoming mindful of the moments around you in a non-judgmental way.

Focus cultivation. Sometimes what your mind may need is clarity and focus instead of actual awareness. In this form of meditation, you’re focusing on something specific to bring out new details that can help you resolve issues. It is similar to a trance-like state because you’re looking to find something new and exciting about something you’re already familiar with seeing or doing.

Ego transcendence. What would happen if you could remove your ego, your pride, from a situation and actually look at yourself impartially? That’s the question you’re working on answering in this form of meditation. Rather than use descriptors to talk about who you are, you just look at who you are with an outside perspective.

Energy cultivation. This is the most commonly practiced form of meditation, though many people don’t know it is what they were doing. Any time you take a few deep breaths to calm down, you’re controlling your breath and beginning a fast meditation session! Imagine what you could do if you spent 30 minutes taking deep breaths or controlled your breathing in some other way! This helps to stimulate your nervous system and allows you to feel the multiple levels of energy you have flowing through your body.

Which Form of Meditation Is Right For You?

All forms of meditation are good to practice! Depending on your day, you can pick and choose which form of meditation will be right for you at any given moment. With this flexibility, you can always have a successful way to recover from a bad day with just a small investment. Why not try one of these forms of meditation the next time you’re feeling stressed out? There’s a good chance you’ll be impressed with the results!