Are You Ready To Push Your Happiness Button?


Many people have said that happiness is just a choice over the years, with one theory even saying that we each set our own points of maximum happiness. When something good happens, we go into orbit around this set point, having an extreme level of joy before coming back to our set point.

What if you could reset your maximum level of happiness?

Only 40% of our total personality is made up of things that are outside of our control, such as our genetics, our environment, and our upbringing. The other 60% is firmly under our control and, according to some experts, is what we can use to change our attitudes in order to alter our overall experiences of life.

How Can You Change Your Maximum Levels of Happiness?

If you want to be more happy with life, is there a mental switch that you can flip that creates more contentment and joy? That’s actually a possibility, according to two studies that were recently published in the Journal of Positive Psychology. The simple choice of choosing to have more happiness and applying that choice uplifted the moods of study participants.

To take advantage of this yourself, one of the easiest ways to implement more happiness in your life would be to make one of your top goals be related to your overall happiness. Choose to surround yourself with people and environments that lift you up instead of drag you down. Resist negativity and it will flee from you!

Be Mindful of Perfect Moments

Far too often, we choose to rush from task to task in our busy lives, only slowing down when the day is over. Instead of rushing, take time to linger over those perfect moments that everyone encounters every day. Maybe it is that slight hint of nutmeg in your morning coffee that you love so much. It could be a quiet moment alone in the outdoors with the breeze in your face. Every moment we linger is a moment that we are choosing to extend happiness!

Lingering in a perfect moment also applies to the meditation forms that we practice. By pushing out the negative energy in a meditation session to impartially observe the best, most positive moments, we are able to change our mental environment toward one that is focused on happiness. By lingering, it is possible to extend those meditation benefits to last longer throughout the day!

Just Let Yourself Be Happy!

What is it that you wish to pursue? The dreams we each chase all are a reflection of how happy we want our lives to be. If we each allow ourselves to be happy, then we are opening our mental doors for happiness to come in. From gratefulness to a heightened compassion for others, happiness takes many forms that all have the ability to uplift life in some way.

Make these forms of happiness your highest priority for 2014 and beyond and there’s a great possibility that you’ll be able to reset your levels of happiness permanently!