Are You Feeling Stuck Right Now With Your Meditation?

Meditating By Lake

For many people, meditation is a fantastic way to be able to let go of a lot of the stresses and worries that this world can bring. When practiced on a daily basis, even those who have never meditated before can experience a wide range of meditation’s benefits. It can even happen on their very first session! For those that have been meditating for awhile, however, the practice of meditation can become routine. You can feel like you’re stuck in the mud, unable to move forward any more on your unique journey through life.

Here’s why most people end up getting stuck in their meditative efforts some day: they don’t know how to let go.

Observing the Environment Is Still Your Ego At Work

I’m sure you’ve heard the advice before: push all of your thoughts out of the way and simply observe the environment that is around you. Here’s the thing: if the goal of meditation is to ultimately let go of yourself, then observing the environment around you simply takes your ego, the thing that makes you uniquely important in this universe, and puts it into a different location.

Is it important to watch your thoughts? Control your breathing? To be aware of your environment? Absolutely. It’s also just as important to begin to let go of all of these observations so that you can begin to watching yourself impartially as you make these observations. That’s the first step toward letting go of your ego and becoming unstuck.

Is It Possible To Observe the Observer?

It is absolutely possible to become the observer of your own observations, but because this is the last stand of your ego, a great resistance will likely be put into place when you attempt to do so. This is when your skills as a neutral observer in all of those other meditation sessions will come into play. You must observe these thoughts, feelings, and unique sensations that come with the letting go of the last vestige of yourself.

In many ways, deconstructing yourself as the observer is the same process as deconstructing your initial ego that began with your very first meditation session.

Just as you experienced a brand new world when you were able to make your practice of meditation consistent and follow these neutral observation techniques, the same is true when you begin to take this next step. The only difference is that once you can finally deconstruct the observer, this final defense, you’ll be able to become unstuck and experience a genuine awakening and release.

Doesn’t This Process Just Create Another Ego?

It seems like all you’re doing is creating a never-ending loop where you deconstruct one ego just to form another one that must also be deconstructed, but that’s not the case here. You’re stuck because your ego will not let you proceed any further. To become unstuck, you must learn to let that ego go so that you can get out of the trap where you’re stuck.

On the other side of this final ego deconstruction is a genuine awareness. That experience is different for each individual, but the experience does have one thing in common for everyone: you will feel more alive, more vital to the universe, and be free of being stuck in the mud for good.