The Importance of Making Mindfulness a Habit


Take a moment and think about some of your favorite times in life. Go ahead – do it right now. What do all of these moments have in common with each other? You were present in that moment to create that specifically wonderful memory. Most people don’t remember the countless hours they spent commuting to work or waiting in line to check out at the grocery store. They do remember the moments where they were mindful of the moments that were passing!

How Can I Make Mindfulness a Habit?

We’re not going to be mindful of every moment of every day. That’s a pretty tall task and one that will most certainly burn out the average person! What we can do, however, is work on becoming more mindful of passing moments that we might normally just slide right on by. It’s easy to start working on the skill of mindfulness too – here’s how you do it:

  • Commit to remembering when you open a door.
  • Commit to remembering when you sit down in a chair.

Mindfulness happens with these commitments because we’re making a conscious effort to be in more moments each day. That conscious effort is really all it takes to begin making more out of each and every day!

Observe Your Surrounding Environment Each Time

As you open each door or sit down in a chair, don’t just rush through the process of it. Take a few moments and be aware of what is going on in the environment around you. Are the kids playing and you can hear their laughter? Is there a dog barking like crazy? What kind of music do you hear playing? It is in the fine details of life that we find ourselves remembering the good times. By training ourselves to find the fine details, we’ll create more mindfulness!

Won’t I Interrupt My Life By Doing This?

Here’s a strange thing: most of the time, when you’re either walking through a door or sitting down in a chair, your thought pattern is more about accomplishing the goal of walking through the door or sitting in the chair. By adding in the fine details of these encounters, you’re not subtracting from the experience whatsoever. You’re adding to the experience because you’re more focused, being more observational about your environment.

Those stray thoughts about politics, problems you might be trying to solve, or even the meaning of life that might occur during these activities will still be there when you’ve finished your observational tasks. The difference is that you’ll remember these thoughts more than you normally would because you’re making an effort at mindfulness!

Mindfulness Is An Easy Way To Love Yourself More

In order to love others as ourself, we must first find a way to love ourselves completely. When we’re sailing through a day, ignoring the world around us, that’s not really love. True love comes from enjoying the fine details of life that are always occurring! When we can pay more attention to those details, then we are showing more love and contentment to our lives. When we can do that, we can love others more thoroughly as well.

The key to changing a life could very well be being more mindful. Practice your mindfulness today and see what details you might be missing!