Unplug and Recharge in Yosemite


“The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.” – John Muir

I took a digital diet when I did a weekend trip to the Yosemite National Park recently. I stayed at a lodge near by the park. The lodge didn’t provide internet access in the guest cabin. I felt so liberated. Suddenly, I had so much time and mental space.

In the morning, I took time to read spiritual books before starting my morning meditation. The lodge was simply quiet. The lodge was situated in a forest setting. My cabin was surrounded by Ponderosa Pine trees. When I looked out my cabin window, tall Ponderosa Pine trees were in view. The view was just serene. After morning meditation, I took time to write down my intent for the day. I was content that I didn’t need to rush out for my morning commute. Instead of, I headed to the dining hall for breakfast. After finishing my breakfast leisurely, I headed the park for a hike.

Yosemite is such a magical place. Every rock, every tree, every mountain stream is simply alive. The park is full of energy and full of prana. I took HWY 120 into the park. Took Big Oak Flat road into Yosemite Valley. Passed El Capitan. Did a short hike at the meadow that was north of Swinging Bridge. Got back into the car and drove to the Trailhead parking area.

I then took John Muir trail and headed towards Vernal Fall. Took a detour on the way to Vernal Fall. Went off the trail and headed towards a rocky area next to Merced River. I lay on a smooth, huge rock to rest. Listened to the Merced River rushing downward. Watched clouds drifting through the blue sky. Observed tree leaves. Leaves were changing color. Opened my pocket Dhammapada book. Read a few lines out of the book. Let Buddha’s wisdom sinking in my consciousness. I felt very lucky I had time and resources to contemplate Buddha’s teachings in such a beautiful surrounding. I thought about Buddha sat under a Bodhi tree and determined not to rise from the spot he was sitting until he attained Enlightenment.

Thank you, Yosemite. I shall be back soon.