Handling Adversity Using Meditation


At some point in life, every person on this planet will face some sort of adversity. It might be a physical adversity, such as a lack of food or clean water. It might be a mental adversity, such as a bully or a supervisor that is aggressive and mean. It could even be a spiritual adversity as your established beliefs are challenged by someone with a well constructed argument. The good news is that you don’t have to accept a negative outcome from the adversity that comes your way. Through meditation, it really is possible to change your stars and eliminate the threat that adversity brings with it.

Here’s how it works:

Step #1: Don’t Allow Stress To Put It’s Foot In the Door

Some might call the process “mind over matter,” but what you’re really doing is making a conscious choice to not be as stressed out as your normally would be in an adversarial circumstance. It’s not always easy to block out the stress that can flood your mind and get your hormones all crazy, which is why meditation is such a helpful practice. If you can make a few moments to meditate, even when your mind is trouble, you’re giving your mind the opportunity to reset itself and focus on the issues at hand instead of the stress it is experiencing.

Step #2: Emotion Is Not Your Best Friend!

A friend of mine once said, “I’m an emotional guy. Nothing is going to change that. It defines me.” Then two days later he was fired because he got angry with his boss and exploded at him in pent-up anger. The more angry you are, the less mental function you actually have. As your anger levels continue to rise, your perception and understanding of what is going on around you continue to decrease. For this reason, it is imperative to take time to meditate so that you can get your emotions under control. Many people say they can actually feel themselves having a greater perception of a situation as they meditate and this is because they are stabilizing their emotions to a baseline level!

Step #3: Try To Take a Look At the Big Picture

“Will this matter 100 years from now?” is one of the most annoying questions I’ve ever been asked when I’m upset about something. The intent of that person was to help, of course, but it had the opposite effect. The point, however, is a valid one: the small picture is certainly important, but this adversarial condition affect the big picture negatively in some way? If it doesn’t, then does it really need to be dealt with at this moment? If it doesn’t affect the big picture, can the stress from this adversarial condition be set aside for a few moments so you can meditate and potentially find a new perspective?

You Can Fight Back Against Adversity!

You don’t have to let stress or anger get the best of you. Meditation is an effective way to fight back against any adversarial condition because it allows your mind the opportunity to better prepare itself for the problem at hand… and come up with a solution. If you feel like you’re up against a tough adversary, use these tips and try meditating when you get a chance. It could be just the thing that helps you achieve your goals!