Put Soul Into Your Meditation Time


Just as we must nurture our physical bodies, we must also nurture our spiritual side. Whether that is exploring science, worship, prayer, or meditation, this nurturing cannot occur if we don’t put any “soul” into the process. If we aren’t willing to fully engage ourselves to the spiritual process, we simply won’t see any benefits. Here’s how you can put some soul into your meditation time:

Explore happiness. It is easy to get dragged down by the negativity of this world. With news available 24/7 at our fingertips, getting lost in the violence and paranoia that many people have can happen in just moments. If we take time to explore happiness during our meditation time, however, we can find the simple things that bring us joy, focus on them, and tune out the outside world.

Stay in the present. When we reflect on things, it is easy to get lost in past memories that are pleasant or even painful. We can look ahead to plot and plan how we might handle things in the future. What we are not doing, however, is staying in the present. Being aware of how you are in this one moment, at this one time, can really help you to feel what the world is presenting to you. By accepting this moment, it is easier to find compassion, empathy, and a better understanding of present circumstances.

Be willing to surrender everything. It can sometimes be hard to find our soul in the meditation process because we just aren’t willing to let go of everything. Even though stress can break us down, it can also define each person in some way and it is common to believe that letting go of these stresses also means letting go of a sense of individuality. The stuff of this world must be set aside for a few moments and everything can be surrendered so that the soul can be satisfied.

Accept what is good. It is easy to get into a place where we believe that nothing good could ever happen. The valleys of life can sometimes be severely dark and it can seem like there is nowhere to go. Why would anyone open up their soul to that? Opening ourselves up to the good that comes our way often must be a conscious decision because the routine of closing down to shield ourselves from the bad occurs so often. If you are able to accept the good that comes your way, you’ll be able to put more of yourself into your meditation time.

Discover what grounds you and go there. We each have a unique security net that keeps us going despite the most difficult of circumstances. We go to certain places and do certain things when we are at the end of our rope in order to save ourselves. In your meditation, find out what you go to these places or do these things to feel secure. That’s what grounds you and keeps your soul active and satisfied. Once discovered, make a conscious effort to return there every time.

Meditation is a process that is wholly unique, yet also produces common results amongst a community of individuals. With these tips, you’ll be able to put a little more soul into your meditation, discover more about yourself, and hopefully be able to let more things go. Life is stressful enough as it is… meditation shouldn’t add more stress to the equation!