How Would You Rate Your Mindfulness?


Mindfulness is an interesting concept and one that is often ignored. It is the unique ability to stay in the present, in any given situation, so that we can truly appreciate each moment for what it brings. Thanks to the busyness of the modern lifestyle, it is easy to forget that each moment in time has something special to offer each one of us. Instead of enjoy the perfection of that moment, we’re stressed out about what happened yesterday, what could happen tomorrow, and how we will manage to make it through this current day!

What If You Could Change Your Perspective?

Mindfulness doesn’t have to be something that happens all the time. With a few changes, however, you could increase your level of mindfulness as you go about the routine tasks of the day where you may just end up spacing out, daydreaming, or thinking about things that stress you out. Could you make just one of these changes to experience a higher level of mindfulness?

  • In the shower. The shower is often thought of as a common place to relax, but how often do your thoughts race to other things while you’re there in the water? Instead of thinking about what might happen on your favorite television show, take time to enjoy how you feel right there, in the moment. Breathe in the warm water vapor, feel the water on your skin, and enjoy the one place where time actually does seem to stand still.
  • During your commute. Mindfulness is often in play during the morning commute, especially if you drive to work yourself. Being stressed out because that driver just cut you off and made you spill orange juice all over yourself won’t change your circumstances. Take a moment to be mindful and realize that each person in each vehicle around you is likely feeling stressed out. They aren’t looking forward to their work day either, they might be running even later than you are, and simply be grateful for the journey that you get to take every day.
  • While you’re doing chores. Household chores are a supreme, yet necessary annoyance. You could let that anger and stress of having to do chores fuel you, or you could take a few moments and enjoy the feeling of turning something dirty into something clean. Take a moment to look at how dish soap can soften your hands. How your laundry smells like sunshine, even though it came out of the dryer. There are always moments of perfection available – even in the mundane!
  • While you’re waiting in line. Being stuck in line at the grocery store can be painful. People bump into you all the time, the tabloids are worthless, and there’s usually at least one screaming child somewhere – and sometimes that screaming child is yours! Taking deep breaths, finding a moment to relax, and ignoring the hustle and bustle to focus on how you feel at that given moment can make a long wait seem awfully short!

How Could You Be More Mindful Today?

Mindfulness can come in any moment, but it won’t come unless we are each willing to change in our own unique way. Where could you make changes today that could help you enjoy more perfect moments in life? Use these suggestions today to see what moments you might be missing!