Could Meditation Help Your Creativity?


Do you struggle to find the creative process at the exact moment when you need to have it kick in? When you’re trying to solve a problem, do you find that the answer seems to be within your grasp, yet just out of reach? The creative process works differently for each person because each mind is truly unique. A product of our environments, experiences, and outcomes, each perspective someone has is reflective of the way they are creative. It originates from our minds, which means a relaxed mind may be able to better connect the dots of ideas that are in its recesses and bring forth original concepts. Is it possible that meditation could help this process?

Where Does Creativity Originate?

When discussing the origination of creativity, many psychologists talk about how someone has to be able to tap into their conscious or subconscious mind to access the creative center. Thankfully we’ve only got one mind and the same mind that can benefit from meditation will also create! Thoughts, feelings, and decisions are actually all part of our creative process, though we don’t often realize it. Finding a way to wash the dishes faster? That’s you being creative! What we often need to do in order to be creative in a specific way is to organize those thoughts, feelings, and decisions in a concise way.

That’s where meditation comes into play.

Creativity Is An Expression of An Individual Life

Creativity really is the unbiased expression of ourselves in some way. Meditation helps people find the inspirational thoughts that are buried in our minds much more easily because it helps to calm the activity the mind is always producing. The surface of the brain is much like the ocean water that you see crashing into a rocky cliff. Could you locate an object in that spray? If you could find it, could you reach in and grab it?

Now imagine having a glass full of ocean water sitting on your counter with that same object in it. How easy would it be to grab that object now? What meditation does is calm the mind so that instead of the mind being a massive wave that is always moving, it is still, calm, and easy to examine.

Creativity Is Spurred On By Less Effort

The natural action to take when creativity is lacking is to work harder at getting the process to work. The problem with doing this is that it causes the mind to create more massive waves that are crashing into the shores of each mind, making it difficult to pick out that one creative idea that is needed. To truly inspire the creative process, the mind requires rest, not work! In meditation, that’s exactly what the mind gets because the outside world is cast aside and the focus is on the internal. It is being pointed toward where the creativity is already centered in the mind!

Sitting back and waiting for the creativity to appear is the most difficult part of the creative process sometimes. If you’re sitting and waiting and aren’t finding the creative results you’re looking to find, try adding meditation to your routine. It might be that additional level of stillness you need!