Eat, Pray, Meditate

eat pray meditate

I would like to discuss the important but often overlook tips about eating before you meditate. Below are my guidelines:

1. Don’t eat a heavy meal before meditating. When you eat a big meal, you will feel too full to meditate. Your body will be busy digesting the food and this can be a distraction as it will be harder to focus.

2. If you do eat a big meal, wait at least 2 hours before meditation. This will help the body digest the food and you will be less conscious of your stomach while meditating.

3. Do eat something if you are truly hungry. Some people can meditate on an empty stomach. For others, they will be thinking about how hungry they are during the meditation if they haven’t eaten in a while. I usually resolve this situation by having something small to eat. If I was going to pick between being a little hungry or a little full, I would pick the former.

4. Be conscious of the food you are putting in your body. The foods you eat will affect you mentally and physically. This can translate into having a good or bad meditation. For example, I don’t like eating fast food because of the lack of nutrients in them. If I eat fast food I will feel very tired and bloated. I much prefer eating fruits and vegetables since they contain so much goodness. It keeps my energy up without any negative effects.