Doctors Are Asking Their Patients to Say Om


Many people want to learn how to meditate because of the numerous health benefits that it promises. If you suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, pain, high blood pressure, insomnia, headaches and other ailments you are a good candidate for meditation. While meditation does not promise to cure you of all your health issues, it can certainly help in coping with it better.

Nearly 40 percent of Americans use some form of complementary and alternative medicine. These practices include meditation, yoga, acupuncture and other types of mind-body-practices. Meditation programs are increasingly showing up at hospitals and clinics across the country. Doctors are recommending meditation to their patients as an adjunct to conventional drugs and therapies.

They emphasize that it should be use for symptom management, not to cure or treat disease. It is still very important to take your presciption drugs and see your doctors. Many experts say meditation is more likely to treat medical conditions successfully when it is used in conjunction with conventional therapies.

If one of your goals is to improve your health, you should give meditation a try.