6 powerful secrets you need to know about meditation

Most people want to know the secrets of how to meditate better. After nearly two decades of meditation, I have distilled them down to six secrets. I would like to share them with you now.

1. Commitment

You need to make a commitment to yourself that you want to learn how to meditate. You have got to first in your mind make that single most important and unwavering decision. What I can say about commitment to oneself with a meditation practice is that miraculous things start to happen. People, events and circumstances show up to open new opportunities that you could not at first conceive.

2. Technique

Once you make that commitment, choose a meditation technique that resonates with you. How would you know when it resonates? You feel it. There is something that draws your attention and you may or may not know why you are compelled to do something about it. There is a tug in your heart. When you take that first step, give your 100% attention and focused energy to dive as deep as you can, and learn everything about these techniques.

3. Patience

In today’s online world, where everyone seems to be tweeting or updating their status every second of the day, the idea of simply sitting and clearing your mind of all the useless clutter in a quest for peace and clarity may seem strange. And, for some, it seems impossible. That is the goal of meditation: to achieve a state of peace and serenity through quiet introspection. Despite the serenity it will eventually bring, teaching your mind to relax and clear itself is a process with important steps and milestones along the way. You are not going to learn how to meditate in a week or a month. There is really no time factor.

4. Discipline

Meditation takes practice. It is like learning any new skill. You need the discipline to do it on a daily basis. You need the discipline to learn how to quiet your mind. One of the most important things self-discipline does for us is to teach us to look toward the future without sacrificing the past and to enjoy the present without sacrificing the future. We have to decide what we want and how much we are willing to sacrifice for what we want.

5. Faith

You must have faith with the practice of meditation. Know that you will be exactly where you are and there are truly no mistakes other than the mistakes that you choose to believe. No technique is better than the other. They are merely different branches on the same tree. Faith is one of the greatest powers you can posses. Without it, you cannot believe that you can succeed in anything that takes you out of your comfort zone. Without faith you will not be able to make significant changes in your life or achieve significant personal growth. On the other hand, people who have had faith have achieved incredible things. All great achievements have begun with an act of faith – a belief that it can be done and a trust that a way can be found.

6. Teacher

A teacher is someone who has walked the path that lies before you. A teacher is someone who does not see you as who you are now, but who you can become. You may come across many teachers on your journey or you may find one Teacher that is more than sufficient to get you where you exactly need to be. No one can really tell you who your Teacher will be but there is a saying “when the student is ready, the Teacher will appear”. A true Teacher will only point you back to your own heart. The teacher is also a mirror to reflect back to you where you are with your practice and to point out the blind spots that you may not be able to see in yourself. Feedback is crucial to your success. Without it, how will you ever know if you are practicing the techniques correctly? The greatest teacher is life itself. Life will teach you more than anyone else can. Trust life.