Meditation can relieve pain

There is a new study published in the April 6 issue of the Journal of Neuroscience that suggests meditation can reduce a person’s sensitivity to pain. What is fascinating about this study is that it claims you don’t have to meditate for years or months to get these benefits.

In the study, researchers mildly burned 15 men and women in a lab on two separate occasions, before and after the volunteers attended four 20-minute meditation training sessions over the course of four days. During the second go-round, when the participants were instructed to meditate, they rated the exact same pain stimulus — a 120-degree heat on their calves — as being 57 percent less unpleasant and 40 percent less intense, on average.

The reduction in pain ratings was substantially greater than those seen in similar studies involving placebo pills, hypnosis, and even morphine and other painkilling drugs.

Meditation has many health benefits including helping a person to heal faster from an injury or disease. I believe that we should seek alternative ways of healing our bodies besides the conventional methods of medication and surgery. As a society, we are too dependent on drugs and doctors to relieve our pain. Your body has a wisdom all of its own if you would only listen to it.

Source: Daily Mail