Exercise = happy and healthy life

If you are under tremendous amounts of stress, it can be very tempting to engage in unhealthy habits or activities to try to make you feel better. You may eat too much junk food, drink too much alcohol, smoke or take illegal drugs, which can all help you to calm down temporarily but will only damage your health in the long run. This will not be the case if you decide to use exercise to unwind, as exercise can actually help prolong your life.

Exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy mind and body, which is particularly important when you have a lot of stress in your life. Exercise is an effective way to cope with some of the pressures you face and is much better for you than some of the other alternatives used for stress relief.

As long as you make exercise a regular feature of your life you should feel much healthier and happier, which will make it easier for you to stay upbeat even when life is getting you down. If you combine exercise with a daily meditation practice, you will find that you feel much better about yourself.

Source – Helium