7 tips for healthy aging

If we keep our body and mind in good shape, we should still be in excellent health during our senior years. Life does not have to end at a certain age. It just gets better and better.

This article gives some wonderful wonderful tips for healthy aging. Here are the 7 tips:

1. Help Others. Volunteer, participate in a charity event, or simply visit a friend to see how they are doing. When you help others you also help yourself in ways that contribute to overall health.

2. Stay Positive. A positive outlook contributes to lower stress levels and other chronic health conditions common among seniors. Focus on all the things you are thankful for, and don’t fret the small stuff.

3. Keep Mentally Fit. Exercise your mind by doing a crossword puzzle, playing memory games on a computer, or taking classes. Continue to challenge yourself and never stop learning.

4. Walk More. Wear a step counter and walk at least 5,000 to 10,000 steps per day and at a comfortable pace. Add variety to your routine, and walk with a buddy or group to keep motivated. Be sure to get medical clearance before starting any exercise program.

5. Pray. Research suggests that those who pray every day have a greater sense of well-being. Cultivate your spiritual life in prayer and meditation.

6. Eat Balanced Meals. Eat at least 3 balanced meals throughout the day without skipping a meal. Eat slower and enjoy your food.

7. Take a Nap. Rest rejuvenates the body. Take a 20 minute nap if you feel like you need it, and don’t feel guilty about it.