Fantastic Mr. Fox

I love animated movies because they are fun. I highly recommend Fantastic Mr. Fox. I have watched this animated movie numerous times since it came out on DVD. Every time I watch this movie, it puts a smile on my face. Another reason I like this movie is there are quite a few hilarious dialogs about meditation.

A little fox, Kristofferson, meditates and knows karate. His father is sick with double pneumonia. So, he comes to his uncle’s (Mr. Fox) place for a temporary stay. He then is pulled into his uncle’s adventure to defend his, his family’s, and his neighbors’ lives under the chase of the three meanest farmers in town.

Another little fox, Ash, is the son of Mr. Fox. He wears a cape. He spits. And he wears his pants tucked in his socks. He thinks he is a natural athlete. He is jealous of Kristofferson since Kristofferson seems to be better than Ash in every way.

This movie is voiced by George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, and Eric Chase Anderson.

Memorable Quotes
Kristofferson: (Sitting on the ground with his legs crossed and chanting to himself)
Mr. Fox: Is he praying?
Mrs. Fox: I think that’s yoga.

Kristofferson: Excuse me, everyone. I am going to meditate for half an hour.

Ash: What’s the point of sitting on the floor with your legs twisted into a pretzel and talk to yourself for an hour and forty-five minutes. It’s-It’s wired.
Kristofferson: My father and I first started practicing meditation together when I was…
Ash: Yeah? Well, that’s great. But I worry more about what that does for your reputation than whether or not you have beagle ticks or not.

Ash: We were in the middle of meditation practice…