7 secrets of a happy life

Do you want to be happy? The short path to happiness is through meditation. As you meditate you become immediately happy. What makes us happy and increases our happiness is contact with Light. As you go into the Light, it will cause you to be happier and happier. You experience this Light when your mind becomes quiet in meditation. Now you know everything you need to be happy.

But there is more! This article talks about the 7 secrets of a happy life. Some of these secrets might surprise you. I will list those 7 secrets below:

1. Money buys you little happiness
2. Friends are worth more than a new Ferrari
3. Winning the lottery won’t make you instantly happy
4. Losing your job makes you unhappy – but less so when others have too
5. Fat friends make you happier than thin ones
6. Divorce can make you happy
7. Happiness is contagious