Why an attitude of gratitude matters

I found this nice article on gratitude. I am reprinting part of it below.

Gratitude is a lifestyle. It’s a state of mind and the condition of your heart. Living a life of gratitude helps you to see the world in a positive light by changing your perspective, putting your priorities in order and helping you to put others first.

A life lived in gratitude is the gateway to happiness. When a person learns to be grateful for what they have and the people in their life in the here and now, they are able to be content throughout their lifetime, despite whatever struggles they may have to face. An ungrateful heart will only lead you down the road to despair, as you will never be satisfied with anything; always wanting “more” and never quite getting it all.

In this busy world, more and more people are taking everything in life for granted. While there are some people in this world who seem to have an overwhelming sense of entitlement that leads them to expect everything and give little in return, I do not believe this to be the case for the majority of us who take things for granted. I feel we often become far too comfortable in our daily lives and routines. We fail to consciously recognize the good fortune we do have and don’t often show just how much we appreciate it.