3 ways to live a more grateful life

Most people are always comparing themselves to others. When they do, they will see their shortcomings. We are unhappy because we do not have what someone else has. We also take people and things for granted. Sometimes we need to stop and just appreciate all the wonderful people and things in our life. Below are 3 great ways to live a more grateful life:

Appreciation is one of those emotions we tend to forget. We’re so busy running around living our lives without taking into consideration how we manage to get everything done, where the energy comes from and how we stumble on all those exciting opportunities. People take everything for granted and that leads them to feelings of unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life and everything around them. Appreciating the small things can help you lead a better life with more happiness and prosperity.

The first thing to do if you want to appreciate the small things is learn a very important word. ‘Thank you’.

It’s one of those words that is either overused and doesn’t really mean anything when said or not used enough when it’s necessary. A simple thank you to someone can make their day and show your appreciation. If you’re mom just made you a cup of tea or took your washing off the line, say thank you. If the driver has let you in to the heavily jammed lane thank them by blinking your lights or waving your hand. It’s these little things that make a huge difference to how our day pans out and our level of happiness.

Make a gratitude list to help you appreciate the small things in life.

What do you include on your gratitude list? Everything that you are thankful for and that makes your life easier and more enjoyable. Your health, family, friends, the ability to drive to work, having a job that pays, being able to see a movie any night of the week, having a roof over your head, clean water to drink, electricity to help dry your hair, a personal trainer, or public transport that makes commuting to and from work easier. All these things are taken for granted every single day and that’s a shame because once we forget about how lucky we are to have them, we stop feeling happy and satisfied and we gain a thirst for more.

Learn to give a helping hand to people who really need it.

Sign up with a charity organization to help others. Volunteer your time at a hospital or children’s home. Visit the elderly who are lonely in retirement homes. Doing things for others is a great way to learn to appreciate the small things. It will make you see what you have but also to be able to give something back and bring happiness and appreciation to other’s lives.