8 execuses for not meditating

We all know the benefits of meditation. But we constantly come up with excuses why we have not established a regular meditation practice. Here are some reasons why we avoid meditating:

1. Can’t sit still. You can sit still if you are totally focused on what you are doing. Remember the last good movie you watched? You were probably so engrossed in the movie that you did not move for a few minutes.

2. Don’t have time. This is the most ironic part about meditation. We do nothing at all, so it seems like we are wasting time. I challenge you to take a week and do meditation, and see if it affects the quantity and quality of what you accomplish in a day, for the better!

3. Too many interruptions. You really need to make time for yourself during the day. Meditation is a gift you can give to yourself. You need to push the world back for a few minutes. I know it is hard for some people but with practice you will see that your world will not fall apart if you don’t respond to every email or phone call right away.

4. Too sick. Meditation can actually help with your recovery, and you don’t have to move to do it. It takes very little effort and energy to meditate.

5. Mind won’t slow down. This is probably the perfect reason why you should do meditation. You will be able to quiet your mind through the practice of meditation.

6. Have already tried, not for me. I hear this so often. We expect to be able to be sitting Buddhas on our first attempt, but it doesn’t work that way. If you can work up to five, ten, fifteen, twenty minutes you are going to experience significant changes in your life, so maybe try again?

7. It is too complicated. Meditation is as simple as can be. People try to over-complicate things. They can’t believe something so simple can make them feel so good.

8. Too scared. Totally normal, and I am not sure why. Fear of failure? All of the pictures we see of meditation show perfection – yet that is so far from a lot of the practices I have experienced. People itch, make noises, twitch. I would suggest doing your first meditation on experiencing that fear in your body, move through your body, and just feel it. Don’t control anything. Sit with your feelings and understand that they pass through and that while your body may spasm or make some funny noises, it calms down.