4 reasons to be mindful of breathing

Dr. Arnie Kozak wrote a nice article on the importance of being mindfulness of breathing. It is really important that we pay attention to our breath because it is a powerful barometer of our state of mind.

Here are the four main points that I got from the article.

1. The breath is always with us and always available to you as an object of attention. You can’t forget to bring it with you.

2. Awareness of breathing brings us into the body, and the body lives in the present moment. By focusing on breathing, we come into the body and the wisdom of the present. This helps us to stay connected to the present moment where stress doesn’t live.

3. Every breath we take is colored by our emotional state. Paying attention to breathing on a regular basis provides an early warning system to alert us when we move into problematic emotional states. By making breathing our friend we will know where we are in our emotional landscape at any given moment.

4. Breathing teaches us directly the process of becoming and dissolving. This arising and releasing can serve as a metaphor for other experiences, such as difficult emotions that also become and dissolve.