5 steps to achieve a state of mindfulness

Mindfulness is a type of meditation that we practice throughout the day. It is being fully aware of the present moment. When a negative thought pops in your mind, you should immediately replace it with a positive thought. If you practice mindfulness correctly, you will actually be gaining energy throughout the day instead of being completely drained by the end of the day.

This article talks about 5 steps you can implement to be more mindful. To begin mindfulness meditation, try these steps:

1. State your purpose. Ask yourself why you want to practice mindfulness. As you continue practicing, your intention may evolve, extending the mindful approach to other aspects of your life.

2. Make a commitment, even a small one. Decide to give over 20 minutes each day for the next two months to practicing mindfulness meditation.

3. Train your mind. Each day when you meditate, you will be training your mind to pay attention in an accepting way. Many people are surprised at how hard it is to pay attention. When you’re not paying attention, you don’t even feel your breath.

4. Extend your mindful actions. Once you become comfortable with the practice, bring mindfulness into your daily life. Take time to appreciate the experience of simple actions, such as washing dishes, eating a meal or taking a walk.

5. Find a teacher. It helps to have guidance, as you would in a yoga or spinning class.